Rambo’s Journey out of debt week one

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was originally going to do this as a bible study but then my wife shewolf brought to my attention i should take everyone on a ride and show them how God works. so here it is week one ,  we got our paychecks this week and the first thing we did was take out the first ten percent of our unspent earnings. here is what the bible says about this thing called tithing, leviticus 27:30 says , THUS ALL THE TITHE OF THE LAND,OF THE SEED OF THE LAND OR OF THE FRUIT OF THE TREE,IS THE LORD’S ,IT IS HOLY TO THE LORD. we then sat and wrote out our budget for the next two weeks yes there were some bills we had to finagle with and put off til next paycheck but this time around they were more willing to work with us. so what have we learned in week one? we have learned a few things, 1) tithing is important and  a must as  good stewards.2} it makes you feel good to give back to the lord as the lord has given much to all his people.3) budgeting after tithing and prayer is easier than doing a budget without tithing. until next week keep the rubber side down and God bless


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