Posted: June 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

This is going to be an opinionated deal today, my wife read something on the centers for disease control website concerning a bizarre zombie Apocalypse, they said there was a kit that resembled a hurricane awareness kit i read the article and came to this conclusion. If the govorment can write articles such as zombies comming out of graves and eating people what is the difference between that and the resurrection of Jesus? They claim separation of church and state but have no quams about scaring the bajesus out of the public even if it is a joke. We can’t even have the ten commandments in public buildings not even government buildings. they act as though the bible is ficticious but print this smut hmmm makes ya think a little doesn’t it? if we a christian s don’t take up our cross and do our duty to protect the dignity of the bible spread the gospel and do what our fore fathers did and act like a God fearing people we are supposed to be then we are in major trouble. we need to get a hold of our elected officials and our teens and anyone else who is not saved and lead them to Christ before even our right to freedom of religeon is taken out from under our feet. jeramiah wright was publisized for his negative preaching were as we God fearing people are chastized for our beliefs in the bible and we are censored on our speach. this is just my opinion and hope it doesn’t offend any one.

until next time keep the rubber side down and God bless


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