christian biker or not? that is the question

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

The title says it somewhat but not all the way. I just saw an article written by a woman in Texas talking about CHRISTIAN BIKERS ignoring the 1%er bikers is this true? I think we need to take a deep long look at ourselves and ask these questions,

1) are we real christian bikers doing God’s work or are we using the CHRISTIAN name to keep from getting our buts kicked by the 1%ers like a shield.
2) Who did Jesus hang with when he walked the earth in the flesh?
3) what would Jesus do, say and think of these types of actions?
Yes i know this seems like a judgmental deal i am writing but i do this in love for christian brother and sister bikers. here are answers to the questions and i will follw them with the scriptures backing them up as best i can.
in Mathew 10:1 Jesus names his twelve disciples and empowers them to go out and heal people ,
Let’s look hmm twelve guys hangin with each other they love each other would you say that is similar to a motorcycle club , association, group or what not, 1%er or not? i would say yep that describes some sort of brother hood in my book. hmmm what a kawinkydink you could say that Jesus’ group was the first brotherhood much like the modern day motorcycle clubs and groups of today?
The attitudes and ideologies of some christian bikers needs to change before it gets worse. There are people who complain that the church does this that or the other, but until we clean up our own back yard we cannot complain about squat. we need to teach each other about the real way Christ taught his people, how did he teach his disciples and minister to other people? Answer, read the bible and look what Jesus did.
Jesus hung out with sinners, theives, murders, drunkards,all kinds of people. so until we can do this the way Jesus did we can’t do anything about what other people do and or think about the christian biker.
So when you go out on the road and run into a biker 1%er or other, remember, Jesus hung oout with them too, he didn’t believe what they did or do what they did he led by example and walking to the beat of the drum played by God and when you can do that and not care what others think you are walking in faith and with boldness because it is then you are being led by the holy spirit.

Until next time keep the rubber side down and God bless.


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