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accountability partners

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I just watched an archive video of Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries about the importance of accountability partners and how it is Biblical to have them. You see in 1 timothy 4:12 it states this, LET NO MAN DESPISE THY YOUTH;BUT BE THOU AN EXAMPLE OF THE BELIEVERS IN WORK, IN CONVERSATION,IN CHARITY,IN SPIRIT,,IN FAITH,IN PURITY, you see as accountability partners we are not to judge one another but lift one another up. We should be open minded of any suggestions made by our accountability partners and trust they will not go gossiping about that which we have told them We as Christians must reframe ourselves from that and help each other in situations where someone comes to us saying I BLEW IT BIG TIME. Don’t go and tell all the story but lift that person up do we share all of our prayers, desires, or needs with the media? No and we shouldn’t do the same as an accountability partner nor shall we nag a person to give up a bad habit that is a process done through prayer and charitable conversation not always with immediate expectation but with encouraging words of wisdom sent by God and done from the heart. an accoutability partner could be viewed as a free psychiatrist sort of speak but on a more casual level . So go find a Godly person willing to be your accountability partner and share what is on your heart and then pray in agreement that God will sort through what may seem like a mountain of kaos and together seek God’s face. until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless .


Today we attended church and the message was frogs, frogs, frogs everywhere by pastor Faragi it had to do with things in our life that are undesirable and the fact that we can do something to get rid of these things we call frogs. in exodis chapter 8 verses 9-10 pharaoh has a delima, Moses is sent by God to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. When Moses is sent by God he is warned that pharaoh will harden his heart and so it was done. Moses said let my people go and the replie was no and then over night a plague of frogs came over the land invading beds,kitchens, everything and Moses asked pharaoh when would you like them to leave? Pharaoh’s replie was tomorrow. Why would anyone want that many frogs to stay around even one more day? Now let’s take it to modern times and make the frogs habits ,bad habits. we smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, a and do other things and we caan consider these things frogs. How can we get rid of them? Truely i say to you b y the grace of God. I bought my last pack of frogs today and why because we are creatures of habbit. When things go out of sorts we revert to our old habits instead of dealing with life head on. I have a phrase and it goes like this picture life as a bramma bull. This bull is big but if you take it head on instead of trying to go around it with excuses or bad habits (frogs) God will lead us in the direction he wants us to go in. We must be willing to draw nigh to God and get rid of the frogs.I challenge you who read this blog to get rid of your frogs as i do mine and together with the guidence of God we will all be able to change lives of other people as well as ourselves one heart and one step at a time. until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless.

Today i whitnessed two individuals in anger of the flesh an argument that was going down hill real fast and this is my thoughts on fleshly anger, anger of the flesh when two people argue is an argument that has no relativity ,no point and gets people no where. It is unbiblical and does not impress God or anyone else one bit. All this is , is two people trying to say my point is better than yours and it gets nothing accomplished or done and this type of behavior can destroy, and kill families and relationships.

Righecous anger is an anger that has a solid point due to hard evidence and a point of view that can be seen by anybody who hears of this argument. When Jesus went in the synagogue and flipped over tables and freed the animals and told the priests and high pharasies they were thieves and turned his father’s house into a den of thieves he had a point and it was a righteous anger. He said what he said got it done quickly and left. The only thing they could really say or think i would imagine was he’s got a point and that was that.

Now let’s look at apology. What is an apology? an apology is a heartfelt true sorrow that one has and they will ask for forgivness in which forgiveness is granted but when does the famous “I’M SORRY” become just two words that are put together ? When one person apologizes and the other forgives but the same actions keep on coming up and nothing is really done, then I’ M SORRY becomes a meaningless compound word that is hollow and mean nothing then you’re at your whits end trying to find a true way to forgive. How can we as a world of people knowing right from wrong change this? Simple and quite easy, read the bible treat everyone as you want to be treated, love thy neighbor as thy self, if your enemy is hungry feed them,if they thirst give them two drinks. Two drinks? you may ask the Bible only says one drink I say two drinks and here is part of the food as well. when you give of them food don’t just give physical for that they eat, give them the food of life by sharing the gospel, then let them thisrt for more of the gospel while they drink a physical drink and when they have come to know Christ and have prayed the sinner’s prayer and they understand then it is time for communion and that my friends is what Jesus would do and that is the full circle of what RIGHTEOUS ANGER,FLESHLY ANGER AND APOLOGY is all about.
Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless.

God has a plan

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Well it has been a few weeks since i posted a new blog, but it is with reason due to me ,shewolf and tiger relocating I have had to figure out what God has planned for my family and part of that plan came to light Wednesday night unexpectedly. We were out exploring the community when we stubled or what we thought was stumbling onto a church in a strip mall called cornerstone church here in South Florida. We were invited in as we were wearing jeans and t-shirts and I in my leather vest with my satan sucks and satan’s a punk patches they loved us and accepted us for what was on the inside not what was outside. I told them about the website and told them i would love to help them out in ministry any way i could because the Bible says faith without works is dead. Now let’s look at my last statement iam purposely putting it in all caps to get your attention, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. This indicates to me that Christianity is not a spectator sport but a life style that requires discipline and work talking to others about God,Jesus and the kingdom of Heaven. If you have faith and go to church and obsorb what the message is for that week but never go out and put it into action you have learned nothing you were just a spectator or if you say you are a christian then i would say you are a bench warmer and when i played football in my younger days being called a bench warmer was an insult and it said you did no work to better the team. We as the body of Christ are in a battle or you could say a spiritual football game in which we need to play and put into action what we are taught by our pastor who is our shepherd of the flock of sheep attending the church. The Bible is God’s play book which we study in order to know God’s next play or his plans for us to successfully defeat satan and his evil plans to rob, steal and kill us as believers. We need to get our head in the game and study the Bible and keep doing this on a daily basis. I encourage you all to check out Andrew Womack’s sharper than a two edged sword and read it I myself plan to orde it as soon as i have the funds it is a really good message which i listened to online it is along the same lines as i have written about today. God’s plan is for us to do the following prosper, in abundance in knowledge of his word, financially, health wise and we need to heed to his word because it is the playbook of life

salt of the earth

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In the Bible Jesus tells the disciples about salt, good salt retains its taste and enables foods to have a flavor, bad salt has no taste and is no good. pastor Robert Stanley on intouch had a message last night dealing with this matter. He explained salt may have been derived from distilled salt water. However the salt scraped from rocks and such may have had some dirt and other unwanted particles in which they would throw out onto the street for man to trample on. a candle is lit and put on a stick to let light shine in the darkness and a lamp is lit in a house so you can see through the darkness. if you have light and it is dark you don’t put a sheet over it you let it shine. Salt penetrates food spreading through out the meat pouring out flavor.When Jesus told the disciples they were the salt of the earth they went and spread the gospel like wild fire no matter weather people liked what they heard or not. So I am challenging all christian bikers to go out and not impress but impact the motorcycle community just as the disciples did and be that salt, that light, the person who is unafraid of dealing with lost bikers no matter weather they are a 1%er or not. You may be rejected but hey that goes with the territory. So pleas take me up on this challenge and see what a difference you can make but makeing an impact on our community or our culture. Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless.

God works in mysterious ways

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Sorry for the long pause you could say it was an extended coffee break, She wolf and i along with tiger are relocating to south Florida and the old computer took a serious nose dive. God has called me and shewolf to help bring the family closer together in the Lord and so we are answering that call. we are now up and running and are able to be contacted to pray for any thing that maybe on your mind. I am looking for bike events down here and will write about how our bible give away program has done here, thank you for all of your prayers together we all as christians can kick satans butt. till next time keep the rubber side sown and may God bles