God has a plan

Posted: July 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well it has been a few weeks since i posted a new blog, but it is with reason due to me ,shewolf and tiger relocating I have had to figure out what God has planned for my family and part of that plan came to light Wednesday night unexpectedly. We were out exploring the community when we stubled or what we thought was stumbling onto a church in a strip mall called cornerstone church here in South Florida. We were invited in as we were wearing jeans and t-shirts and I in my leather vest with my satan sucks and satan’s a punk patches they loved us and accepted us for what was on the inside not what was outside. I told them about the website and told them i would love to help them out in ministry any way i could because the Bible says faith without works is dead. Now let’s look at my last statement iam purposely putting it in all caps to get your attention, FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD. This indicates to me that Christianity is not a spectator sport but a life style that requires discipline and work talking to others about God,Jesus and the kingdom of Heaven. If you have faith and go to church and obsorb what the message is for that week but never go out and put it into action you have learned nothing you were just a spectator or if you say you are a christian then i would say you are a bench warmer and when i played football in my younger days being called a bench warmer was an insult and it said you did no work to better the team. We as the body of Christ are in a battle or you could say a spiritual football game in which we need to play and put into action what we are taught by our pastor who is our shepherd of the flock of sheep attending the church. The Bible is God’s play book which we study in order to know God’s next play or his plans for us to successfully defeat satan and his evil plans to rob, steal and kill us as believers. We need to get our head in the game and study the Bible and keep doing this on a daily basis. I encourage you all to check out Andrew Womack’s sharper than a two edged sword and read it I myself plan to orde it as soon as i have the funds it is a really good message which i listened to online it is along the same lines as i have written about today. God’s plan is for us to do the following prosper, in abundance in knowledge of his word, financially, health wise and we need to heed to his word because it is the playbook of life


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