righteous anger, anger of the flesh and apology

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today i whitnessed two individuals in anger of the flesh an argument that was going down hill real fast and this is my thoughts on fleshly anger, anger of the flesh when two people argue is an argument that has no relativity ,no point and gets people no where. It is unbiblical and does not impress God or anyone else one bit. All this is , is two people trying to say my point is better than yours and it gets nothing accomplished or done and this type of behavior can destroy, and kill families and relationships.

Righecous anger is an anger that has a solid point due to hard evidence and a point of view that can be seen by anybody who hears of this argument. When Jesus went in the synagogue and flipped over tables and freed the animals and told the priests and high pharasies they were thieves and turned his father’s house into a den of thieves he had a point and it was a righteous anger. He said what he said got it done quickly and left. The only thing they could really say or think i would imagine was he’s got a point and that was that.

Now let’s look at apology. What is an apology? an apology is a heartfelt true sorrow that one has and they will ask for forgivness in which forgiveness is granted but when does the famous “I’M SORRY” become just two words that are put together ? When one person apologizes and the other forgives but the same actions keep on coming up and nothing is really done, then I’ M SORRY becomes a meaningless compound word that is hollow and mean nothing then you’re at your whits end trying to find a true way to forgive. How can we as a world of people knowing right from wrong change this? Simple and quite easy, read the bible treat everyone as you want to be treated, love thy neighbor as thy self, if your enemy is hungry feed them,if they thirst give them two drinks. Two drinks? you may ask the Bible only says one drink I say two drinks and here is part of the food as well. when you give of them food don’t just give physical for that they eat, give them the food of life by sharing the gospel, then let them thisrt for more of the gospel while they drink a physical drink and when they have come to know Christ and have prayed the sinner’s prayer and they understand then it is time for communion and that my friends is what Jesus would do and that is the full circle of what RIGHTEOUS ANGER,FLESHLY ANGER AND APOLOGY is all about.
Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless.


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