accountability partners

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I just watched an archive video of Dr. Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries about the importance of accountability partners and how it is Biblical to have them. You see in 1 timothy 4:12 it states this, LET NO MAN DESPISE THY YOUTH;BUT BE THOU AN EXAMPLE OF THE BELIEVERS IN WORK, IN CONVERSATION,IN CHARITY,IN SPIRIT,,IN FAITH,IN PURITY, you see as accountability partners we are not to judge one another but lift one another up. We should be open minded of any suggestions made by our accountability partners and trust they will not go gossiping about that which we have told them We as Christians must reframe ourselves from that and help each other in situations where someone comes to us saying I BLEW IT BIG TIME. Don’t go and tell all the story but lift that person up do we share all of our prayers, desires, or needs with the media? No and we shouldn’t do the same as an accountability partner nor shall we nag a person to give up a bad habit that is a process done through prayer and charitable conversation not always with immediate expectation but with encouraging words of wisdom sent by God and done from the heart. an accoutability partner could be viewed as a free psychiatrist sort of speak but on a more casual level . So go find a Godly person willing to be your accountability partner and share what is on your heart and then pray in agreement that God will sort through what may seem like a mountain of kaos and together seek God’s face. until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless .


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