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Posted: August 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I watched an archive video of Duane Sherif on this topic . It is part of a series called reaping the harvest . We as Christians need to go out into the harvest fields and pray for more laborers to aid us in God’s work as he plans out everything he has for us. When you look into what is needed most here are somethings to think about.
What are you doing when you are preaching? what does the word preach mean? it means to proclaim the gospel, or proclaim the truth. you can do this all day long until you are blue in the face but your words may fall on deaf ears, however if you teach the gospel you are in fact explaining the gospel which will enlighten new converts and when you enlighten new converts you don’t just make converts you turn them into disciples,people who can go out into all nations to preach and teach the gospel as it is meant to be. somethings that need explanation are
2) sowing seed
these are just a few things there is more I am sure. In order to follow the Bible as it is written in order to be a disciple you must be baptized in water and of the Holy spirit.
Now lets look at what Jesus did and kind of how he did it.
He did not just preach he could have done that all day long but he also taught through parables and lessons and speeches like the sermon on the mount. He was a shepherd and a good shepherd.
What does a shepherd do? They over see and protect the sheep. When Jesus preached and taught he didn’t just do that he was actually manifesting God’s kingdom into people’s lives and that is what we are supposed to be doing with the guidence of our shepherd when we go to church in order to get our spiritual refill of the week so we are better prepared to go unto all the world and spread the gospel or good news.
Now a glimps of what a shepherd or pastor does he over sees the activity of he sheep or members of the church. You see with out a shepherd we would be like the people in Mathew verse 36 when Jesus went and saw the people fainting and scattered abroad. This was due to the fact that there was no shepherd to lead them so they were helpless and confused and we need to recognize this when we see it and correct it biblically. We also need to have compassion for people, God loves people we love God so we also need to and should love people like it says love thy neighbor as thy self and love thy enemy also, for when you do these things you do them unto Jesus and there for glorifying God as we are supposed to.
I challenge everyone who reads this blog we need to stop standing around and polishing our armor and we need to stop fighting one another through gossip, complaints who’s right who;s wrong which religon is right and which is wrong because ultimately God’s word is right,just, and final no matter how you cut it just like you can cut pizza into squares,triangles,put what ever you like on it it is still pizza with a different taste.That’s that the Holy Bible is final no matter how ya slice it.
until next time keep the rubber side down and as always God bless


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