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I watched a video archive of Dr. Charles Stanley who is a wonderful preacher and delivers great sermons one of which i will use some quotes from and some Bible passages from the King James version of the bible which i dearly love but i also use of bibles as well.
Storms we all have storms hurricanes, tornadoes. These are not the storms i will speak of though how ever yes they can be scary. The storms i speak of are the storms of life ,financial,family problems, health these are storms that people go through some speak of them loudly with a friend or trusted spiritual leader others keep them to themselves. God knows of these storms he knew of any storm that could come our way and he gave the solution to us through the authors inspired by him to write the book which we will call in this blog our anchor. and i will explain how to make it work every time, even I need improvement in this department. So here we go.
What is the anchor of life to the believer? The anchor of life is the spoken word of God, THE BIBLE. check this passage out in Isaiah 40:8-) tje grass withereth,the flower fadeth,but the word of our God shall stand forever. The words written in the Bible are holy true and to the point and never change or will never sway a person in the wrong direction. When in storms you should check out psalms which are mostly written by David who was a king in Biblical times. He had storms all his life although he slayed lions while protecting his sheep and knocked the heck outa goliath, he had storms such as when he had the afair with bathsheba and had her husband killed off to cover his sin as well as other storms. He knew he did wrong and it tormenyed his spirit because the holy spirit convicted him of his sin and he wrote psalms to show how God inspired him through his hardship and how he honestly felt during each and every storm he faced. David was a man after God’s own heart although he sinned as do we all during his time he still loved God. a psalm he wrot was psalm 119:105 ) The Lord is a lamp unto my feet and a lamp unto my path. This shows us that God lights the way sometimes it is a little light but let me ask you this if youare in the navy our in the middle of the oceacn do you keep all lights on or do you shut them off except little lights just enough to light the way so you don’t hit your head on he bulkhead or run your schins into the knee knockers. you don’t want the enemy to see your position but need to see the path so God lights your path one step at a time.
you may ask where do these storms come from and why well God knows all so ask him, because God is omnitian- all knowing he knows where you are in the storm, he is omnipresent , he stays by your side in the storms and he is omnipitant, all powerful he has the capability to stop anything that comes our way but since he is a just God as well as a jealous God he will do things like cause a storm to get our attention or let a storm come our way to tech us a lesson to see if we are paying attention that is when God is yelling at you HHHHHHHEEEEYYYY dude listen ta what i got to say or else.Some times satan is able to catch us and ambush us and God will step in as long as we draw nigh to him through his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. but ultimately the anchor is the Bible.
Another good psalm to read according to Mr.Stanley is psalm 57:1-3
be merciful unto me,O God be merciful unto me,for my soul trusteth in thee,yea in the shadow of thy wings i will make my refuge,until all thee calamities,be over past,I will cry unto God most high;unto God that performeth all things for me, He shall send forth his mercy and his truth.
Now what is the Bible here is a biblical answer: it is a written record of God’s unfolding revelation of himself through the spoken word in nature,in history, and through the coming of his son Jesus Christ. I hope you can put this into action and finally here is how it all works
1) read it2)meditate on it
3)believe it
4)apply it to your life
5)be willing to obey Now the things i just told 1-5 are very important because it says in the Bible clears as day faith with out works is dead if you don’t put biblical principles into action your faith means nothing. So i challenge you to go out as christians and spread the good news to every ear that will hear and as always keep the rubbe side down and may God bless.


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