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My question can we discern between good and evil ? well what is the definition of discern let’s take a look the Webster’s dictionary says discern means to see or make out through any of the senses. Our logical mind tells us there is no way God can exist how ever our spiritual sight tells us differently . Can we discern between good and evil?Yes we can through the teaching of our parents and utilizing the word of God the Bible we can discern through anything. in second Samuel chapter 19 verse 35 it says this, Iam this day fourscore years old,and can I discern between good and evil? Can thy servant taste what I eat or drink?can I hear anymore the voice of singing men and singing women? wherefore then should thy servant be yet a burden unto my Lord the King? well let s look deeper. another translation of the Bible the English standard version says this, this day iam eighty years old can I discern what is pleasant ? can your servant taste what he east and what he drinks? can I still listen to the voice of singing men and singing women? why then should your servant be an added burden to the Lord my King?
According to Ecclesiastes chapter seven verse eight says we can it says this,whosoever keepeth the commandment shall feel no evil thing and a wise man’s heart discerneth both time and judgement. in these words what is discernment meaning it means a wise man will experience nothing harmful.But why ahuman is a human we experience hardship and bad things and things that can harm us but with the spirit of discernment we will beable to distinguish the difference between Iam going through this with God’s blessing or this is not of God and it will hurt me. so to all who read this and if you are an atheist or none believer do this ask God to reveal himself then ask for the spirit of discernment it will help you see that it is God speaking to you. until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless.


America is in a crisis.

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Today i watched a download video of perry stone of manna fest and he says that he heard the Holy spirit tell him America is in a mid life crisis and paralleled it with that of a man’s midlife crisis and here are some points made.
this began when the culture,history and heritageis lost or forgotten by a generation, now we will look at this .
a) we were founded on Christian values, we went to church on Sunday, we prayed daily and publicly in government offices,and schools but now the athiests have taken that away by protesting the prayer in goverment offices and saying the constitution state seperation between church and state they have twisted it to suit their needs or wants and we as a nation bowed down to them allowing it to happen now look at our schools today could there be some relation between school with prayer and school without ?Yes prayer brings the peace of God and sooths the soul.
history the founding father were christian and we have that history of which we have allowed it to be forgotten.
heritage or tradition has been forgotten as well.
2) We have allowed other gods to be equal to the one true living God upon which we were founded and what has this led to? confusion which religion is right,chaos and disbelief.
3) we have compromised our moral values by allowing men to marry men, women to marry women and people to have sexual perversions that were unheard of in the beginning stages of the country being founded. marriage is no longer sacred we have so called swingers married couples sleeping with other people with permission and we wonder why we are plagued with sexually transmitted diseases.
now we’re looking at unemployment and the attitude that the goverment will take care of me guess what IT’S NOT THEIR JOB. It is the churches job to do the taking care of the sheep and the goverment’s job to defend us militarily and take care of the taxes that is their job. It is our job as the job of the body of Christ to take this country back from the muslims,athiests and perverts and put it back on track the way God intended it or we will lose our God given rights not just the rights given by man. well I am done for now check out the videos in the video link and as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless.

America is she in trouble?

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Today our country is in great turmoil over many things ,oil,gas inflation,people starving because of the rise in groceries , health care being too high, the imoral charictoristics our military is involved in by letting certain things slide and i don’t need to go into detail on that , education being controlled as to what is taught and true and what is taught and false and against God like eveloution which has been deemed false by to living word of God, darwinism has been discredited by scientists and they still teach it in public schools. The list goes on and on, But good news Jesus still lives and as his modern day forerunners we are to take up our cross and follow him. Today 300 families are planning the destruction of this country and the reason we have been prosperous in the past is because we have held strong to our values and as of late let them go by the waist side and so now we are paying the price of not a conspiracy but crafty plans set forth by these people and thebiggest gear they have is the people regaining their composure and standing up for not only the constitution but the country it self .If we continue on the path we are going the country will destroy itself by suicide or basically imploding on its self through no fault but the people who are not BOLD enough to make a stand and pull this drunken comatose country out of it’s stupper and turn things around. I know God has not turned his back on us but through the propaganda set forth by a governmental controlled media, out military in shreds,our people elect all over the place we are a people fainting and scattered abroad, meaning we are helpless and confused and if we don’t square our selves up and do the right things, pray in schools,prayer before the start of each day and be drunk in the spirit and follow God’s commandments as we are to do we will be read about in history books as the last super power that stood and had a chance to stand strong but failed due to a weak generation of the body of Christ by allowing this country to be infiltrated by a muslim leader and lead astray like tumble weed in a desert. Everything we were taught and all that we cherrish will be taken away and there will be a day when we are lead as the Jews were in WWII into concentration camps which have already been built and wonder why me o lord and all he will say is you turned from me i never turned from you. WAKE UP smell the coffee and eat bacon and eggs get it together before it gets you. No there are no scriptures in this blog today this is a message that has been relayed to me through watching everything going on and we need to stop it can we ? The answer is yes we can.Is there time ?yes there is ,but we are running out of time and the emplosion is about to take place and if it does in our life time and we see Jesus on judgement day what explanation will you give him? there are seven things the american people as a whole need to gain control of they are, 1 religion,2 money,3education,4healthcare,5food,6 protection and 7 information.
we need to take back our churches our jobs our healthcare can be taken back through the divine healing of Jesus Christ, money can be taken back through tithing and only giving ceasar what is due to him and nothing more,education, put prayer back in school,stop teaching false doctrine on evolution and teach the truth put Bibles back into schools and pray for harmony and peace in our schools and watch the violence stop.Food what we consume in our bodies is not for the govorment to control it is for us to control. Our govorment does not take care of us it takes care of the people elect, so stand up for what is right and be violent and take our country back by force through prayer and putting CHRISTIANS into office not muslims just because they are black. Jessie Jackson ran for president and he was booted out of the election if we needed a black president in office fine but the country was found on Christianity not muslim beliefs so stand up take this contry back and do it by storm. until next always keep the rubber side down and may God bless

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001-2011

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Ten years have past since that dreadful Tuesday morning, I had got off work at 7 a.m. and was awoken by my mom’s husband around 9 a.m. saying watch the news. I looked at my cell phone it was 9 a.m. and I said ” man aint nothing on the news” and then BLAM, I saw a plane hit the second tower. I saw death before my eyes, people burned alive, people jumping out of windows many stories high , it was horrible. I work in public safety and i was afraid to go back to work on Thursday of that week. ten years have passed i can still remember the screams of people on the news, the sound from the t.v. being there in person it must have been horrible. God uses these things to make good things come out, after 9-1-1 we reunited as a whole country and respected each other, talked to each other ,embraced each other but most of all churches were filled with people praying and trying to make sense out of the evil destruction done to a country and to cities. People’s lives will never be the same. A fire fighter’s wife will always wonder if it will happen to her husband ,or fire fighters, husband will wonder if it will happen to his wife or the same with police. Wonder what will happen you may ask? Evil, it has no remorse,no feelings of anything other than destruction of things and people and it is brought on by satan himself and he wants our souls. so in remembrance of that day Tuesday, September 11,2001, let us not give the devil what he wants we as Christians should fear no evil and that is what the devil wants he wants us to fear him,but if we fear the devil how can we honestly fear God? Let’s kick the devil’s butt cause satan is a punk and stand up with our full armor of God and fight the good fight in his name and never forget the fallen or their families.
‘until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless