America is in a crisis.

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Today i watched a download video of perry stone of manna fest and he says that he heard the Holy spirit tell him America is in a mid life crisis and paralleled it with that of a man’s midlife crisis and here are some points made.
this began when the culture,history and heritageis lost or forgotten by a generation, now we will look at this .
a) we were founded on Christian values, we went to church on Sunday, we prayed daily and publicly in government offices,and schools but now the athiests have taken that away by protesting the prayer in goverment offices and saying the constitution state seperation between church and state they have twisted it to suit their needs or wants and we as a nation bowed down to them allowing it to happen now look at our schools today could there be some relation between school with prayer and school without ?Yes prayer brings the peace of God and sooths the soul.
history the founding father were christian and we have that history of which we have allowed it to be forgotten.
heritage or tradition has been forgotten as well.
2) We have allowed other gods to be equal to the one true living God upon which we were founded and what has this led to? confusion which religion is right,chaos and disbelief.
3) we have compromised our moral values by allowing men to marry men, women to marry women and people to have sexual perversions that were unheard of in the beginning stages of the country being founded. marriage is no longer sacred we have so called swingers married couples sleeping with other people with permission and we wonder why we are plagued with sexually transmitted diseases.
now we’re looking at unemployment and the attitude that the goverment will take care of me guess what IT’S NOT THEIR JOB. It is the churches job to do the taking care of the sheep and the goverment’s job to defend us militarily and take care of the taxes that is their job. It is our job as the job of the body of Christ to take this country back from the muslims,athiests and perverts and put it back on track the way God intended it or we will lose our God given rights not just the rights given by man. well I am done for now check out the videos in the video link and as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless.


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