Posted: October 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Pain is in two forms in my opinion considering what Jesus went through, he was rejected by his government, the church, his own people . Which he would go through rejection and that causes heart ache and emotional pain. Then when he was betrayed by Judas and arrested he would go through the worst beating imaginable if the human rights organization were around at the time they would have criminally charged these soldiers for cruel and unusual punishment. Jesus took this like a man not showing any pain or cowering he with stood this because he knew it was for a greater cause. I have a question, as the unbelievers of today persecute the Christians and mock us why is it we become afraid to stand for what really matters? is it because we have lost sight in what really matters and need to be reminded or is because most Christians have no back bone because they are not really studying the Bible as we are told to do. If anyone needs to be reminded of the cause, here it is, The cause is the promise of life in eternity with God and Jesus and to keep all that is holy in our hearts and teach about the kingdom so when it comes time for judgment we can stand before the throne of God and honestly say I have given my all to do the work you commissioned us as Christians to do .For most he may say you allowed laws to be broken and your hearts to be deceived in order to please everyone including the government. I surely don’t care if I am popular with those around me I am commissioned to speak God’s word and I will till the day I die and when I die I will hear God say well good my faithful servant come sit and dine in my house then go see the house i have made for you and here is the Harley you always wanted.I don’t know about anyone else but just as I would die for my wife and kid I would die for the Lord Jesus christ only to rise and be beside him on the right hand of God the father. think about this when you watch the passion of the christ and any other biblical movie and remember the cause. Read the great commission in the Bible and allow the Holy spirit stir your heart. And as always until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless.


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