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Ignorance is defined in the New Webster’s library of practical information as follows: the state of not knowing or lack of education.You could shorten this definition to lack of knowledge on a particular subject like Christianity. Why are most people afraid of the Bible ? Why do they speak negative towards a person who believes in the Bible and practices as best they can what they preach? Answer hmmm I think in my opinion there are two good answers, (1) lack of knowledge and an unwillingness to take the time to see and try to understand Christianity.What they do not realize due to the media and propaganda spewed all over the internet and any other place to gather and receive information is that this country was founded on jewdeo-Christianity beliefs. They need to study the founding fathers all be it they were not saints they believed strongly in scripture.(2) Fear, they as well as everyone else knows God is real and he lives,they are afraid of judgement for their actions andwhen in fear I guess you could say ignorance is bliss to go and do what ever,when ever and how ever as long in their minds it doesn’t hurt anyone but they must realize it is hurting them as well as everyone around them. If you get busted for speeding and you say in court I did not see a speed limit posted what will the judge do or say? I know what the judge will say, ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law usually rule of thumb if no speed limit is seen you go 35-45 mph, or just keep with the flow of traffic.Well the same goes for Christianity you either believe in it or you don’t it is truly up to you as God gave us free will to choose,but keep in mind consequences of those choices because they can and will affect you come judgement day.Just because you live life doing to others and you would have them do unto you does not guaruntee you citizenship in the kingdom. The Bible clearly states faith without works is dead,but if you will for the sake of this blog say that doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is work but don’t believe in God or what the Bible states then you are most likely not pleasing God and you will be held accountable for your actions or lack there of.So in time when people speak bad about you due to your belief in God it is lack of knowledge and their unwillingness to listen will bite them in the end,so don’t get offended or mad just walk on and let God deal with them. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless