Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I just listened to the first two messages on America our promised land by Duane Sheriff and it is a good one.I will be doing a video on it in January and hope people will tune in and watch it. part of what he says is that God doesn’t just love indiviuals but he loves everybody and wants to bless nations not just indiviual people and I know that I will be mocked and criticized for what the videos may contain and that is ok I know what God has put on my heart and what he wants me to do and watch this I’M GONNA DO IT. It’s like the conflict between the outlaw motorcycle club and the warllocks when the warlocks first started riding they were approached and told they couldn’t do certain things and the found said WATCH THIS WE’RE GONNA DO IT .and they did despite the consequences they have managed to do their thing no matter if anyone liked it or not and in a way Christians need to do the same.The government sees us as radical people and tries to silence the church and the church cowers to the government because they fear what they may lose. If we as Christians have to go under ground and do our thing as the disciples did in the biblical days then well I say befriend the motorcycle clubs and get them converted and make disciples of them and they can show us ways to stay under the radar and still do what God has commissioned us to do in Mark 28 verse 18 where we as Christians we spacifically commissioned to go out unto all the nations and teach the gospel making disciples of everyone we run into, and that my friends is just as important if not more important today than in the biblical times. so think on this as you read it and until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless .


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