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This particular blog or lesson may not be suitable for children so if you are under the age of 18 please do not read this unless a parent emails me and says it is ok.

I am using the King James Version of the Holy Bible as I always do it is my favorite translation although i will use others to get a different  translation and in this translation I looked up sex as a gerneral starting point for this particular subject for this blog and found fornication meaning the same thing.

To be honest i was interested in sex for some reason ever since an early age, i was 14 or 15 when i started really getting into looking att pron magazines and watched 6 x-rated movies in 12 hours and then at 16 i was not interested in that any more i was more into playing drums and heavy metal and some family members though i was weird because of this but i was happy just doing my thing.

When  I would engage in  relationships with older women and get hurt have  premarital sexual relationships  thinking  I was going to marry them. I was trying to fill a void somewhere in my life and to this day I am not sure what that void was. I met my first wife at the age of 19 and we were married  on August 1, 1998 we stayed married for 3 years before we went our separate ways looking back now we married for the wrong reasons and I know that andso I went on and had other relationships and before  I dated a woman I would tell them I was not into pron, I was a one woman  man which would surprise them and they would ask if I was on drugs or what.

The Bible says in  who so ever puts away his wife saving for the cause of fornication causes her to commit adultery . This basically says that using your wife for sex is not a good thing you are to love her as a whole body mind and spirit and as a whole package deal you have the intimate relationship God wants you to have.

act 15:20 says to obstain from fornication and things polluted meaning the imoral sexuality. What is immoral sexuality, is there a moral sexuality? The answer is yes the moral sex is sex you participate in while married to your spouse. Not casual sex

.Casual sex is immoral and out of the will of God and this includes living together when a man and woman live together out of wedlock it can cause ungodly things to go on premarital sex, disease,children out of wedlock your life will and can be a mess. Can it be fixed? Yes it can be as long as BOTH parties go and confess their sins and repent before God then I do think that God would put his divine hand into the relationship and fix it.

Pornography let me tell ya something about this it is BAD all the way around here is what I have learned over the years about pornography. Pornography depicts the following traits of both men and women here are the mind sets.

1) it makes both men and women objects not human beings

2)it is done to make mony which to me pron stars get money to have sex so think of it this way wouldn’t this be a form of prostitution skirted with the excuse it’s a movie they’re not on the street corner.

3) It destroys marriages . You come home to see your spouse and have a little fun when you walk in the door he is watching two  other people having sex on t.v how romantic and boy what a moment killer.

This is a topic few pastors want to even explore because of the controversy and content it is hard to discuss these things in a CLEAN manner without the graphics. so keep these things in mind when dating and keep the Binle close when you think you minght look up a verse in the Bible I am sure you will change your mind.

Until next time, as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.



There has been a long time argument about the ten commandments stating thou shalt not kill and people misinterpreting this as killing anyone for any reason whether it be self defense of one’s self ,that of another person or just cold blooded murder. we will see what the Bible says and you can come up with your own conclusion.

This topic arose when a family member told me to get rid of my fire arms because the Bible says thou shalt not kill well this in it self is absurd and shows false knowledge of the Bible. Let me show you what the Bible says.

First the Bible says nothing about killing, you kill animals for food, you killed an unblemished lamb in the old testament for an offering to God. so this being said the proper interpretation of the ten commandments is as stated THOU SHALT NO COMMIT MURDER. this is pretty plain.

lets talk the difference between murder,killing and killing in defense.

murder is defined in  Webster’s dictionary and yes I know there are many dictionaries which have different definitions on the market i stick with Webster because his is the most used and recognized dicionary on the market. so let us see his definitions of the following key words

murder: unlawful killing of a human-being  with malice aforethought.

killing: to cause life to cease: to deprive of further existence or effectiveness.

self defense or defense of another so for the sake of content let us just look up defense as the definition for this and see what we see.

defense: the act of  resisting attack or preparation to meet an attack.

we took and put an umbrella over anything in defense and i will show you examples.

EXAMPLE   1:  Caine and Able the first murder on earth is in Genesis chapter 4 verses 1-26, basic outline of this

Q)why did  Caine murder Able?

A)He was jealous of Able because God accepted Able’s offerings and did not accept Caine’s for Caine’s

offering was blemished it was not the unblemished offering God wanted.

This an example of Murder in which the ten commandments speak of.

this examples of  defense will show two examples.

EXAMPLE 1)  In the book of EXODUS Moses takes his people out of the bondage of Egypt and away from Pharaoh after being sent by God to free the Jews, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart and sent ten plagues down on Egypt. in the last plague he killed the newborn children as punishment for Egypt’s disobedience to him and it is not up to us to say whether he was right or wrong, it was what it was and that is that but the example of defense is when Moses was crossing the red sea after Paraoh let them go he sent an army after a bunch of unarmed people to kill (murder) them in cold blood why? answer because they left his country and he had little slaves to work the fields and build his kingdom.  SO what did God do?          In Exodus chapter 13 verses 17-chapter14 verse 31 he closed the red sea after the jews crossed it killing hundreds of Pharaoh’s soldiers so here we have defense in what we would call a third party defense God killed people trying to harm innocent people by drowning them in the sea. He had justifiable cause to do this and it is justified .

EXAMPLE 2) David and Goliath : David was a shepherd boy who was called upon by God to defend the nation against a giant who threatened their land so David armed himself with a sling and one single stone and faced the giant and with one shot of the sling killed and defeated him is this unjust ? No it was justified by God and David was praised for this act of bravery because the army was too coward to face this giant.

So show me where in the Bible it says NOT TO KILL. Nowhere there are killings all through out the new onad old testament whether it be wars, or fights or what ever there are killings. Murders ARE NOT JUSTIFIED IN THE EYES OF GOD AND AS DEFINED MURDER IS THE UNLAWFUL KILLING OF A HUMAN-BEING which has never been justified ever to the best of my knowledge.

until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.


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I watched a two part movie made by Barry Mason a former Hell’s Angel chapter boss who left the club due to a situation and was saved and his life turned around through the consistent prayers of his mom and her belief that when people said there was no hope for Barry , she would say Jesus aint come back yet so there is still hope. Barry was a member of the Heaven Saints Motorcycle Ministry before his was through them he and some brothers made this video. there is a video on the Heavens Saints web site of him telling his story or giving his testimony. here is my point which is basically in the dead end videos there are two roads that lead to  two gates, one narrow and one wide, the wide gate is the gate to hell, it has many travelers not just walking through it but running full speed ahead to get through that gate and hell is excited to recieve them with open arms and for a short time make them feel welcome, but soon comes the torture and torment gnashinthe urning g of teeth and whaling the screaming is non stop and the urning for a drop of cold water to sooth the tongue because of the heat from the lake of fire is so bad never stops as the story tells in the story of Lazerous     and the rich man. the Narrow gate less traveled but more peaceful and it will lead you in the way where God wills for us to go it is a road that may seem dark and what not but the lord is my shepherd and he will protect me all of my days as he will everyone else who cals upon his name and accepts his son Jesus Christ as their lord and savior as john 3:16 says for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believeth in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. so if you have not given your life to Christ may this envourage you to do so because this place called hell is real and excited to have another soul won and taken from the kingdom and we do not want the devil to win you see the name satan means deceiver and devil means destroy he roams this earth like a roaring lion devouring all that is good and he aint no racist he eats anything that is good ,so if you  cherish you life ,then you should cherish your soul and as Jesus Christ to come in and cleanse your heart of all sin and make you white as snow your life will still be hard  he never promised us it would be easy you will face trials and tribulations and it is up to us to look to him for strength and wisdom to get through the storms of life. Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you. Rambo

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the open road and God

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while riding down the road on my way home i passed an accident and said to myself a quiet prayer, it made me realize iam exposed to all elements of  God’s  creation including cars. Now how is it a man or woman can sit on a machine capable of doing well over 100 mph and not believe in God that in itself in insane. Here are my thoughts on the open road and God this is not my usual posting I usually post biblical topics but since I am  a Christian biker I do talk scooters on my post now and again as God puts it on my heart.

    the open road winding curves , wind in my beard bugs in my teeth nothing is better than to race with the wind, full throttle I go in my past it was for who i do not know maybe myself only God knows because he is the only true person who knows my heart and every thought. life is like the open road full throttle going and going stopping a bit for some shut eye or chow and then off we go not knowing if today could be our last and not forgiving people for the past. Now that I am an ordained minister tearing up the streets  I still do but this time with purpose and that purpose is for God. My wife picked out a patch for me and i wear it proudly on my cut and it reads  FULL THROTTLE TILL YOU SEE GOD, THEN BREAK.  although that patch is true in the biker world and true to those christians tearing down the black top shouldn’t this saying  go for everyone?  This was just a thought and maybe you can meditate on it a bit before you comment , until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless.



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I have been listening to Duane Sheriff’s how to change series and it is exactly what the title says it is about change and a conviction came across my heart and here it is in all honesty. I have been thrown around by world views and started to think like a 1%er biker now I am not bashing but that is not what God wants me to think like, act like or be like. He wants me to be like,act like , and think in the likeness of his son Jesus Christ and I am now starting the proccess of renewing my thinking and my attitude and I am going to look at situations and problems in the way God wants me to look at them so that I can properly do the work of the kingdom and not of the world. james 1:19 says : WHEREFORE MY BRETHREN,LET EVERY MAN BE SWIFT TO HEAR,SLOW TO SPEAK AND SLOW TO WRATH FOR THE WRATH OF MAN WORKETH NOT THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. WHEREFORE LAY APART ALL FILTHINESS SUPERFLUITY OF NAUGHTINESS AND RECIEVE WITH MEEKNESS THE ENGRAFTED WORD, WHICH IS ABLE TO SAVE YOUR SOULS. now this being said i have tried to walk in a Godly manner but have failed in some areas. but God allows U-turns and we repent go back to him and ask for forgiveness and it is granted along with the wisdom to change our mind,body and spirit. i habe not been as Godly as i should and for that i am sorry and admit if i was not saved and saw a christian like me i would be turned away.You see in every problem there is a lesson to be learned sent forth by God that all work for the good and it is our jobs as christians to seek it out and work towards it in the strength of Jesus Christ. until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless

Steps of Faith

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Did you know faith has steps that affect our lives and it dictates how our lives will end. As we discussed before the definitions of faith both in the dictionary and Bible  and both lined up but in different ways. The steps of faith are as follows:

A) LITTLE FAITH, this is expressed in Mark9: 17-24 which states,these verses show the disciples being asked to cast out a spirit of mute from the son of a priest  who told Jesus  he  brought his son to the disciples to cast this out and they could not and  Jesus called the generation a faithless generation.

This is showing that having little faith can have a negative affect on us and not allow God to bring forth blessings we desire because we are hindering his work through our disbelief and thus we are discouraged. We should keep our eyes fixed on Jesus no matter what other people have to say.The world around us is full of negative things trying to bring us down and it will if we listen to what is going on around us and not pay attention to what God has to say.

B) GREAT FAITH, this is displayed in Mathew 15: 21-28 which states, Jesus was approached by a canaanite  woman who cried out to Jesus and the disciples sayint her daughter was demon possessed but he answered her not and then she worshiped him and asked and he said it is not good to take the children’s  bread and cast it to the dogs. She replied truth  Lord but even the dogs eat of the crumbs of the master’s table.  Jesus replied O woman great is thou faith. you see even she knew that he had to see the Jewish people first before he could go to her but by her faith her prayer was answered and it was done.

C)PERFECT FAITH, This is a faith where we get to the point that we say “OK” God what ever it is you want I will do and there are no obsticles in the way and this is shown in Genesis 22:1-5 where God admittedly tempts Abraham and tells him to take his only begotten son into the land of Moriah and use him as a burnt offering in which early the next morning Abraham did just that he took his son Isaac into the land and up on a mountain and just as they were walking I saac said where is the offering father? Abraham said I do not know but God will provide and they arrived and Abraham prepared his son for the sacrifice when the Lord spoke saying basically well done my faithful servant but do not harm the boy and they looked and behold there was a ram stuck in a thicket by the horns and they used the ram for the sacrifice. This is PERFECT FAITH Abraham did as he was told and was rewarded greatly.

You see in our everyday life we  allow things to inter fear with what God wants for us  and so things happen which hinder the working of God. so think  of these things when we are waiting for God to work. Until next time keep the rubberside down and may God bless.