Steps of Faith

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did you know faith has steps that affect our lives and it dictates how our lives will end. As we discussed before the definitions of faith both in the dictionary and Bible  and both lined up but in different ways. The steps of faith are as follows:

A) LITTLE FAITH, this is expressed in Mark9: 17-24 which states,these verses show the disciples being asked to cast out a spirit of mute from the son of a priest  who told Jesus  he  brought his son to the disciples to cast this out and they could not and  Jesus called the generation a faithless generation.

This is showing that having little faith can have a negative affect on us and not allow God to bring forth blessings we desire because we are hindering his work through our disbelief and thus we are discouraged. We should keep our eyes fixed on Jesus no matter what other people have to say.The world around us is full of negative things trying to bring us down and it will if we listen to what is going on around us and not pay attention to what God has to say.

B) GREAT FAITH, this is displayed in Mathew 15: 21-28 which states, Jesus was approached by a canaanite  woman who cried out to Jesus and the disciples sayint her daughter was demon possessed but he answered her not and then she worshiped him and asked and he said it is not good to take the children’s  bread and cast it to the dogs. She replied truth  Lord but even the dogs eat of the crumbs of the master’s table.  Jesus replied O woman great is thou faith. you see even she knew that he had to see the Jewish people first before he could go to her but by her faith her prayer was answered and it was done.

C)PERFECT FAITH, This is a faith where we get to the point that we say “OK” God what ever it is you want I will do and there are no obsticles in the way and this is shown in Genesis 22:1-5 where God admittedly tempts Abraham and tells him to take his only begotten son into the land of Moriah and use him as a burnt offering in which early the next morning Abraham did just that he took his son Isaac into the land and up on a mountain and just as they were walking I saac said where is the offering father? Abraham said I do not know but God will provide and they arrived and Abraham prepared his son for the sacrifice when the Lord spoke saying basically well done my faithful servant but do not harm the boy and they looked and behold there was a ram stuck in a thicket by the horns and they used the ram for the sacrifice. This is PERFECT FAITH Abraham did as he was told and was rewarded greatly.

You see in our everyday life we  allow things to inter fear with what God wants for us  and so things happen which hinder the working of God. so think  of these things when we are waiting for God to work. Until next time keep the rubberside down and may God bless.



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