Posted: January 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have been listening to Duane Sheriff’s how to change series and it is exactly what the title says it is about change and a conviction came across my heart and here it is in all honesty. I have been thrown around by world views and started to think like a 1%er biker now I am not bashing but that is not what God wants me to think like, act like or be like. He wants me to be like,act like , and think in the likeness of his son Jesus Christ and I am now starting the proccess of renewing my thinking and my attitude and I am going to look at situations and problems in the way God wants me to look at them so that I can properly do the work of the kingdom and not of the world. james 1:19 says : WHEREFORE MY BRETHREN,LET EVERY MAN BE SWIFT TO HEAR,SLOW TO SPEAK AND SLOW TO WRATH FOR THE WRATH OF MAN WORKETH NOT THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD. WHEREFORE LAY APART ALL FILTHINESS SUPERFLUITY OF NAUGHTINESS AND RECIEVE WITH MEEKNESS THE ENGRAFTED WORD, WHICH IS ABLE TO SAVE YOUR SOULS. now this being said i have tried to walk in a Godly manner but have failed in some areas. but God allows U-turns and we repent go back to him and ask for forgiveness and it is granted along with the wisdom to change our mind,body and spirit. i habe not been as Godly as i should and for that i am sorry and admit if i was not saved and saw a christian like me i would be turned away.You see in every problem there is a lesson to be learned sent forth by God that all work for the good and it is our jobs as christians to seek it out and work towards it in the strength of Jesus Christ. until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless


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