the open road and God

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

English: The Open Road

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while riding down the road on my way home i passed an accident and said to myself a quiet prayer, it made me realize iam exposed to all elements of  God’s  creation including cars. Now how is it a man or woman can sit on a machine capable of doing well over 100 mph and not believe in God that in itself in insane. Here are my thoughts on the open road and God this is not my usual posting I usually post biblical topics but since I am  a Christian biker I do talk scooters on my post now and again as God puts it on my heart.

    the open road winding curves , wind in my beard bugs in my teeth nothing is better than to race with the wind, full throttle I go in my past it was for who i do not know maybe myself only God knows because he is the only true person who knows my heart and every thought. life is like the open road full throttle going and going stopping a bit for some shut eye or chow and then off we go not knowing if today could be our last and not forgiving people for the past. Now that I am an ordained minister tearing up the streets  I still do but this time with purpose and that purpose is for God. My wife picked out a patch for me and i wear it proudly on my cut and it reads  FULL THROTTLE TILL YOU SEE GOD, THEN BREAK.  although that patch is true in the biker world and true to those christians tearing down the black top shouldn’t this saying  go for everyone?  This was just a thought and maybe you can meditate on it a bit before you comment , until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless.



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