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This particular blog or lesson may not be suitable for children so if you are under the age of 18 please do not read this unless a parent emails me and says it is ok.

I am using the King James Version of the Holy Bible as I always do it is my favorite translation although i will use others to get a different  translation and in this translation I looked up sex as a gerneral starting point for this particular subject for this blog and found fornication meaning the same thing.

To be honest i was interested in sex for some reason ever since an early age, i was 14 or 15 when i started really getting into looking att pron magazines and watched 6 x-rated movies in 12 hours and then at 16 i was not interested in that any more i was more into playing drums and heavy metal and some family members though i was weird because of this but i was happy just doing my thing.

When  I would engage in  relationships with older women and get hurt have  premarital sexual relationships  thinking  I was going to marry them. I was trying to fill a void somewhere in my life and to this day I am not sure what that void was. I met my first wife at the age of 19 and we were married  on August 1, 1998 we stayed married for 3 years before we went our separate ways looking back now we married for the wrong reasons and I know that andso I went on and had other relationships and before  I dated a woman I would tell them I was not into pron, I was a one woman  man which would surprise them and they would ask if I was on drugs or what.

The Bible says in  who so ever puts away his wife saving for the cause of fornication causes her to commit adultery . This basically says that using your wife for sex is not a good thing you are to love her as a whole body mind and spirit and as a whole package deal you have the intimate relationship God wants you to have.

act 15:20 says to obstain from fornication and things polluted meaning the imoral sexuality. What is immoral sexuality, is there a moral sexuality? The answer is yes the moral sex is sex you participate in while married to your spouse. Not casual sex

.Casual sex is immoral and out of the will of God and this includes living together when a man and woman live together out of wedlock it can cause ungodly things to go on premarital sex, disease,children out of wedlock your life will and can be a mess. Can it be fixed? Yes it can be as long as BOTH parties go and confess their sins and repent before God then I do think that God would put his divine hand into the relationship and fix it.

Pornography let me tell ya something about this it is BAD all the way around here is what I have learned over the years about pornography. Pornography depicts the following traits of both men and women here are the mind sets.

1) it makes both men and women objects not human beings

2)it is done to make mony which to me pron stars get money to have sex so think of it this way wouldn’t this be a form of prostitution skirted with the excuse it’s a movie they’re not on the street corner.

3) It destroys marriages . You come home to see your spouse and have a little fun when you walk in the door he is watching two  other people having sex on t.v how romantic and boy what a moment killer.

This is a topic few pastors want to even explore because of the controversy and content it is hard to discuss these things in a CLEAN manner without the graphics. so keep these things in mind when dating and keep the Binle close when you think you minght look up a verse in the Bible I am sure you will change your mind.

Until next time, as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.



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