Faith what is it?

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am going out on a limb here to be quite honest with you and I am going to do a series on FAITH. what is faith? where do we get faith? how do we get faith? these questions I will try and answer as best I can during this series.

We will start off with the tittle of this blog which is the question most will have and it is a good question to be honest with you, what exactly is faith?

well this was best exsplained to me in an unusual way it was when i was watching Andrew Wammack’s series called Healing Journeys, there was a story of a woman by the name Nikki O’Chenski  I think I have the spelling right. She was in a car accident at age 14 and developed a disabling  disease that started slowly and manifested itself eventually taking over her whole body leaving her basically bed ridden. Her mom was saying that God’s grace is always there but faith is oour reaction to grace. Grace will be discussed in a whole different blog.

What is the Bibles definition of faith? Romans chapter 10 verse 17 says FAITH COMES BY HEARING AND HEARING BY THW WORD OF GOD. Well that is not a direct definition in the carnal mind but basically let me give you a visual on this and show you.

You come home and get a phone call from a friend and they say I am coming over. Now did you see them when they said that? No but yet you believe and trust they are going to come over and visit why? Because you have faith that they will keep their word.The same goes for God you don’t see it but faith tells you it is there as long as it lines up with what God wants for your life at that moment.

For a direct definition let’s see what the good old Wbster’s dictionary has to say and see if it lines up with the Bible.

Faith defined in Webster’s dictionary is as follows: complete acceptance of a truth which cannot be proved. So yes it does line up with the Bible I am not saying I can’t prove God is true I am saying by faith I know God is who he says he is.

We do things in faith without realizing it, we walk out the front door and in today’s society that is a huge leap of faith considering the things that are out there.SO until next time read these scriptures and we will look more at faith as the week or weeks move on. here are the scriptures, james 1-8 ,mark 11:22 and go find the story of  Jesus and the Centurion’s servant healed in Mathew  chapter 8 verses 5-13 and we will discuss  different stages of faith as we go on. until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.



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