A journey through prophacy

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am going to touch on things that may hinder my ministry but need to be told, I am talking about the N.W.O. ( New World Order) this has been spoken of for many of years and it is comming. I watched video after video and saw things coming before my eyes that not frightened me but concern came over me for my family and brothers and sisters both in Christ and on the open road who ride motorcycles and yes I am talking about the bikers. I saw already in place in states military check points, I saw what the government did during Hurricane Katrina taking away fire arms legally purchased by law abiding  people at gun point as if they were some criminal or terrorist, it has been said that we Christians are home grown terrorists and if so then so be it . I am  a Christian , i own fire arms and ride motorcycles because I am  CHRISTIAN BIKER. Does this make me a criminal or terrorist because i support the constitution which gives me the God given right to bare arms, How bout being a Christian,  Obama celebrated Ramadan the Muslim week  of ceremonies but could not be bothered to observe the national day of prayer, and to top it off two days later two pastors were arrested for praying outside the White house then on September 25  would hold a day for muslims to pray in public and the base of the Lincoln Memorial so it would echo loud enough for all to hear. Boy what a slap in the face to our forefathers who built this nation on Christian values. These days were prophacied   in the Bible and we may one day have to do the same as Christians in communist countries, what is that you may ask?  Answer, we may have to go under ground and hide and you as a believer must be prepared tp do so and if caught be prepared to be imprisoned for your beliefs. Stay tuned there will be more messages on revelation and N.W.O. to come, until then keep the rubber side down and may God bless



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