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this is a look at Ephesians 6: 10 , which talks about  putting on the whole armor of GOd I believe the wuthor was paul , if I am correct this is one of his letters to the Ephesians.

When a person goes into a battle one wears protective gear in mid-evil times they wore armor today they wear Kevlar helmets and soft body armor with a ceramic heavy plate held in a pouch on the outside of what they call a tactical vest.  In the Bible it talks about God’s armor a spiritual protective gear that one can not see but if you know how to use it you can put it on to protect yourself against the Devil.

We will talk about this armor and its parts and parallel them with the clothing of bikers so you will understand what I am talking about. So let’s get into this message and see what God has in-store for us today.

We as Christians are in a war, a war where you can not see the enemy but the enemy will effeminately hurt you, he will destroy your relationships with friends and family, your marriage and even your job and most of all he wants to destroy your relationship with God and once you are broke down he will see you as a defeated person then move on to the next unless you make a covenant with him which would mean eternity with out the presence of God and that is not cool.

There are parts to this armor and they are as follows.






These parts have places, your loins girt with truth, loins I imagine are the leather portion of the armor in which the metal attatches to. with out this you have noothing to hold your armor together and the leather will protct you from basic weapons of the enemy. The breast plate of righteousness is a plate that will protect your heart against the firery darts of the devil. With out this you could be spiritually hurt or killed. your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel, back in the Biblical days they walked alot and  with out good sandles your feet would not last . healthy feet are happy feet ,that is why even the soldiers of today are made to change socks frequently and that their boots fit properly. The helmet of salvation will protect your noggin and keep your mind focused on God’s ways and not allow it to be altered or polluted by the worldly things going on around us. Last but not least all this protective gear is good and all but ya need a weapon to protect yourself with. The sword of the truth is the ultimate weapon in our armory, this is also known as the Bible full of wisdom and there is no subject we face today that God has not put in the Bible to give us direction in order to survive life in general, Now these are weapons that can not be seen with the naked eye, but with the spiritual eye because we fight not flesh and blood, but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 5:12.

Now we look at what a biker wears to compare, we wear leather to protect ourselves against road rash which is similar to Satan’s darts, road rash hurts and scars, helmet to protect our noggin against impact that would either end us up as a vegetable or kill us, shod , good boots to protect our feet against road debris that could hurt our feet.  This is similar to the armor they wore in Biblical days, and last but not least the sword of the spirit , the Bible never leave home with out it.

I hope this is a good article and I know references are there, so until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you,




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