the all important Bible and what it means to me to be a Christian

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

the importance in the Bible is vital to the life of individuals today, giving the times we live they are I would personally say the end times, I am not saying the world is coming to an end tomorrow or at the end of the year but the end times are close considering what is going on in the middle east and what I see and hear our government putting into place we are close and if you do not believe me read Revelation and watch the news and you will see it come to life before your very eyes.

the Bible is composed of 66 books written by various people and yes that is true and it has been said that the Bible through different writers was interpreted in many ways and not real accurate, well there is one single thing people seem to over lool and the continuous thread is that is was through the divine inspiration of God through man to put down all 66 books in ink. Today the Bible has been taken from the public schools,public buildings and  government buildings. You get caught readubg it at work you are mocked and ridiculed made fun of and judged by co-workers and fired by bosses with claims you’re preaching on the job. I know back in the early days a man or woman went no where without their Bible in tow. People would gathe round at breakfast for scripture of the day and lunch for a mid-day reading and families gathered around before bed for a nightly reading and bed time prayer before they went to bed. Today if you do this you are considered crazy for reading and believeing the Holy writtings of the apostles and the teachings of the master teacher our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. It is quite evident that if one was to be arrested for being a Christian there would not be enough evidence to convict him and this was said by Andrew Wammack and I am sorry to say that it is true of many people including me and that is why I am making more of an effort to change this and when and if it comes to it and people are arrested for being a Christian there will be evidence enough to convict me and then i will start a jail ministry.

Being a Christian is more to me than just reading a book and saying some prayers it runs deeper than that,  It is freedom with rules you are given free will with rules and boundaries to protect you as you live a free life, as long as you praise the Lord for all he has given you and read his word you will not be led astray and if you don;t understand what his words say then you can pray aand he will show you what he means because God is wanting to communicate with his people and he loves his people for he created us and when you create something you love that which you have created and wouldn’t want harm to come to it as is the same with God, You see that is why John 3:16 should always ring true in every heart of every believer and that is For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who soevere believeth in him shall not perish but have eve lasting life, Now in those big bold words there is one key word and that is love because God loves us. Most dads love their kids they comfort them and help them develop and yes they punish their kids to show boundaries and teach harsh consequences as God does to. So he loved the world so much that in order to lead us out of condemnation he was willing to use his son to save he world as the final sacrifice and he was raised on the third day defeating death, concurring hell and taking the keys from Satan’s vary hand to show his defeat and that is something to honor and praise for I have heard of no other god who has done this and have seen no other book that has gotten people killed than that of the Holy Bible and the living God.

I am going to say there maybe some gaps in my postings because iam involved in many projects and started a five year Bible study as i learn the lessons i will post them and  I am also involved in a 6 month mentor-ship program as well as a  short bible study program put on by set free ministries, I am also learning leadership in a free down load and as I learn from these projects I will share with you and I am also looking at a possible online paper for Bikers containing a lot of things including a Christian perspective on the biker world so with this in mind if you would pray for me I would appreciate it.

So until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.



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