debt is there a way out?

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

As in the title of this article debt is there a way out and according to the financial person my wife and I follow is YES. There are steps in getting out of financial bondage and God doesn’t like his children to be the slaves of the lender. I am learning lessons that in a way maybe  I am thankful to learn but in a way the stress stinks, but with my wife and I working as one productive unit we will pull through the tough times and once we have control of our money and not our money controlling us we will have one heck of a testimony no doubt about it. lessons I am learning is how important it is to save now for the long run, like an endurance runner normally doesn’t take off sprinting he will pace himself for the long haul and then sprint to the finish line the key is not to get too ahead of yourself and keep your eye on God who will provide everything you need to endure the hardship of learning a lesson. The book I am reading is called financial peace by Dave Ramsey and he breaks everything down in simple to do steps and terms to understand. He also teaches you biblical principles and why they are important and most importantly how to properly apply them to your life along with lessons he learned through his financial crisis. This book wasn’t written by some dude fresh out of college with a degree in the theology of money he has personally experiance it first hand and both he and his wife tell their tale and how they dealt with this growing issue in America today. The lord has put it on my heart to get on board with this deal because i know in the long run it will pay off. I read four to five chapters a night at work and the lord shows me how this will all work out and shows me how to be patient in this test for he is the one ultimately in control if you allow him to be. All I need to do is follow these steps in his books and apply the biblical principles and yeah it may be hard at first but once it becomes habit for me it will then become easier and easier before my wife and I know it , it will just be a normal part of our everyday life. So go and check out Dave Ramsey’s website and see what the lord may unlock in your financial future as my wife and I have started to see. until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.


Annual Public and Private Foreign Debt (as per...

Annual Public and Private Foreign Debt (as percentage of Gross Domestic Product) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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