A biker and an encounter with Jesus Christ

Posted: March 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

This will be a little different than most of my posts but hope you like it.

There once was a biker he had tats to the hilt, long salt n pepper hair and a long beard and handle bar mustache, he rode an old 48 pan had a 21 degree rake and ape hanger handle bars it was kind of like the bike from the movie easyrider staring Henry Fonda. He would ride his bike all day long and hit the local watering holes( that’s biker talk for bars or beer joints) everyyone thought he was a club member but no one ever asked they would just stare at him as he ordered coke and read his paper. One day as he did his normal routine he was approached by a young kid who obviously just started riding and the kid said to him, ” hey old man you in a club or what what’s your deal you come in here order a coke and read your paper and say nothing to nobody”. The bibker quietly looked up and said ” son if you want to know my story look at the wrinkles on my face, the faded patches on my cut and you tell me where I have been and then maybe, just maybe you can tell me where  I am going.” The you boy happened to be a prospect ( a member waiting to get his probate patch for his probationary period in a club) for a 1% er  club and the boy said “I asked you a question old man now answer or get out”. The man put his paper down and showed scar after scar and each one was a story the first scars were holes in his wrists, the second were the hole in his side and third was the holes in his feet , he said now look at me son and listen to me good because I have told this story time and time again but few believe me and few walk the road I walk and I will tell you this story. he said ” these scare i wear i wear with pride because i gave my life and bore your sin, anything you do i paid for infull and through my name my Fther’s hope is that the world might be saved, the faded patch as the young kid looked closer at it said, (top rocker) king of kings(bottom rocker ) Lord of Lords, in the middle was a cross and on it a crown of thorns. That day a young biker’s life was changed and he was never the same again. Yousee when Jesus walked the face of the earth in the flesh he dressed like everyone else, so now if your a biker and see an old biker drinking a coke reading a paper and you ask him of his story you never know you may have just had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, He walks among us and we never know how he will show up. He weeps because few choose to listen, and he rejooices when many choose to follow him. like I said this was a different type of article and I hope you liked it. While writing this i wept and had to walk away and ask Lord why do you put these particular word in my head and he answered and said so the readers will accept me and through your writing they may be saved.

So if you have never asked the lord into your life you can do so now just pray this prayer out loud and believe it with all your heart/

dear Lord I know that I am a sinner and without you I can do nothing, Lord I hear you knocking and I am answering your knock. come into my life that my sins maybe forgiven and through you I will become a new creature in Christ.

if you prayed this prayer  please let me know for I know the angels in Heaven will have one heck of a wing ding in your honor.

until next time keep the rubber side down and watch who you talk to it just may be Jesus Christ himself and may God richly bless you.



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