what is a good leader, what does the bible say are leadership characteristics?

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Well first I will voice my thoughts on what a good leader is and what are good leadership characteristics and then we wil turn to the King James version of the bible and see what it says as well as what the Webster’s dictionary has to say as far as definition.

My opinion on what the good leader is and what are good charicteristics are as follows,

1) Godliness

2) morality



5) a charitable or giving heart


7) compassion

Now these are just a few that came to mind for me and as far as my opinion is concerned however, It is not totally my opinion that is what I am worried about but more or less it is God’s opinion of me and what he thinks of me that I am most worried about and everything else to that is secondary. We live in a society that says as long as I look good in publice everything I do at home is my business and only mine, however God is watching everything we do and hearing everything we say and knowing our deepest thoughts and knowing what is in our hearts. He is all knowing, all loving and everything else and he sees what we do and knows what we are about and we should take that into consideration and read his word everyday to ensure we are walking in his  path, as leaders we need to be more diligent in daily devotionals to God because it is truthfully the only way we will be good, Godly leaders, in our homes, work and anywhere else. Godly leadership doesn’t just start on Sunday morning and we snuff it out after church, as once said by a member of the Warlocks m/c  I am  a warlock 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year. So you mean Christian leaders shouldn’t take this and run with it heck I am and trust me I am down with learning how to be a more Godly leader with more understanding of the word of God in order to better take care of my family, friends and who ever else may cross my path.

Now for the definitions from the dictionary:

leader, someone who acts like a guide

given this definition  aren’t husbands as well as wives in a Christian marriage both supposed t be leaders, so they are supposed to act as guides for one another, like  a man is good with his hands so he would lead the wife in something like mechanic work on the car like oil changes , spark plugs you know some simple do it yourself things or house repairs, why? Because he may not be around when things go  wrong so then she is better equipped to handle the situation, just as wives are leaders in house keeping, cooking laundry, child rearing they are supposed to lead the husband in this so if they aren’t wround when things go wrong and need to be done the husband is better equipped to handle those situations.

Now when you add the God’s characteristics into this equation then you have two people who have this in common and will be equally yoked and equally equipped to handle life if something happens to one or the other person. What would they look like now? like this, they would both be physically, emotionally and spiritually capable of living life to it’s fullest relying on God for his divine guidance and not their family nor the government. and that is what life is all about. I know you are reading this going ok where is there a bible verse on leadership to tie this all in well here it is and here is two wonderful books on wisdom and leadership.

psalm 139 is a psalm of  the everlasting presence and power of God and  it is of the chief musician a psalm of David, and in this psalm there is a verse, it says, in the 24th  verse to lead him in in the way everlasting. Now don’t you think that if a husband teaches his wife how to do handy work and simple mechanics on the car and the wife teaches the man in the  area of good house keeping , cooking and what not don’t you think that these teachings along with the guidance of God would be everlasting?

there is a saying give me a fish and feed me for a day teach me to fish and you’ll feed me for a life time that does not mean the fisherman teaches a person to fish and stands around holding the person’s hand but can now leave because the person can get food for themselves now. This same concept is the same in what i just wrote about. The two books in the  bible are as follows.

1) leadership = Nehemiah

2) wisdom = proverbs

I hope you enjoyed this as always until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.


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  2. Allan Hovis says:

    Personally, I think that without communication, we can’t do anything properly for a great team and a good working environment. In my opinion, is one of the most important leadership traits. I’ve also learned about it at a Toronto management training course, which was held in my company!

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