passover, what is it, when is it and what does the food mean?

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Passover is a celebration of many things,they are:

The Exodus

What is the Exodus? this is written as a book in the bible it comes  right after Genesis and it tells of the story of Moses which if I am not mistaken means derived from water, where pharaoh’s wife saw Moses in the river and plucked him out and raised him using Moses’ biological mother as a nanny if you will. Moses led his people out of Egypt after the tenth plague which was the killing of the first born child. after all nine plagues pharaoh still had a hard heart and so God sent down this plague and who ever had the blood of an unblemished lamb upon his door the plague would by pass that house and go to the next as God promised he provided a hedge of protection. Then when the tenth plague came about, pharaoh let the jewish people go and they had no time to allow the yeast to rise in the bread so they took the dough and allowed the hot sunt to bake it turning it into almost like a wafer type of bread , hard and dry and now after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ we use this in memory of the exodus, from Egypt, then the memory of Jesus Christ and as a symbol of cleansing our own body of sin let the old leaven out .

There are different foods at the begining of dinner they have a dipping ceremony, they dip the bread in bitter herbs to remember the tears shed during their enslavement and during the trials they faced during their exodus from Egypt. The parsley is green to symbolize spring and  young Israel, it is dipped twince, once for the crossing of the red sea when it parted for the Israelites to cross and then a second time to symbolize the drowning of the army of Pharaoh.  And there are other various symbols and ceremonies that go on during this time of year to celebrate freedom.

Freedom is not just standing around doing as you wish. Freedom is a life style that has boundaries and you may say how is that free ? Let me explain, if you have a square you can label each corner  A,B,C, and D . Now you can draw lines with A being your main starting point and you always know your way back, Now draw a circle and try the same thing. You can’t a circle represents two things,

1) it symbolizes the never ending love a man and wife have ( or are suppose to have for one another that is a story all to itself) or our never ending undying devotion to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

2) it can and often does is today’s society represent a vicious  cycle that in order to get out of it it must break.

All in all my point to this article is this , isn’t it funny how secular holidays have symbols like masks for Halloween , Easter the bunny, st. Patrick’s day the color green or the four leaf clover, Christmas Santa Claus and Christmas trees and yet for the one of the most important holidays in the Christian belief,we over look the multiple symbols of pass over.

I challenge you to study this 6 day celebration from April 6 or 7 til the 13  and look at thee symbols and thank God for what he did through Moses and Aaron his brother in leading Christians out of slavery and back into the Holy land. It’s about time we not only take our country back, but we take our beliefs back too and as it says in the bible the violent take it back by force, don’t submit to commercialism and what the secular world has to say for they do not understand because their heart is either closed by choice or it is not their time to understand.

until next time may God richly bless you this pass over  celebration and may your eyes be open to look at this time of year with a different out look. and as always keep the rubber side down and God bless.


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