the devotional of the day, rememberance

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

In today’s devotional it was dealing with Genesis 8:1-17 where it was the end of the flood and Noah sent forth a dove and when the dove returned ,he knew that the waters were still on the land, he sent the dove forth again and it came back with an olive leaf. why an olive leaf? what does the olive branch symbolize? it symbolizes peace and so wouldn’t it be possible that the dove brought the leaf as commanded by God to say we are at peace and i have not forgotten you, rest until the waters reside and then you will go forth on the land and start over again. isn’t it wonderful to know that our God remembers us or how about the thief on the cross next to him in Luke 23: 42-43 and Jesus said this day you will be with me in paradise.

God is not this beast who feels nothing, he goes through all of that in which we go through, here is poem,

there is an arm that never tires, when human strength gives way. there is a love that never fails, when earthly love decays.

this is a settle reminder that God is constantly watching over us and his love never tires nor fades with time, his strength is constant and protection is forever. her knows our pain and our sorrows, he cries with us when we are sad, laughs with us when we are happy, and yes he will punish us when it is needed in order to show us and remind us that there are boundaries and when we step out there are penalties just as in sports, how ever these ones from God may hurt a bit more, but he loves us and we should give him the same in return, for as the thief on the cross is in paradise now so shall we be and held accountable for our actions, what will you say, how will you act, when God asks why you did what you did, or did you remember loved ones as I remembered you? what will you say? I am not perfect but I want no regrets when I go to meet with God so I repent for my regrets and sins, remember those whom I have come across through the years and always always remember the ways of God and ones we do not know learn you won’t  regret it. until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you with all that you need and desire.



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