invisible war

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is a war going on in many countries and it is coming to America. W hat is this war you ask? it is a spiritual war one that is not fought with physical seen weapon-try, but is fought with weapons from the armory of God using weapons and knowledge he has given us to fight the good fight. This battle has been fought for many centuries and it will not be over until the king of kings, lord of lords the prince of peace makes his second coming as prophesy points out in the bible, this will come. Christians need to be on guard willing to stand for what is true and not of that which is false. We must not be afraid to pick up the sword and fight and not be afraid to go all the way. What do i mean by go all the way? well if need be we must be willing to die in the name of Jesus and not worry about anything else but to spread the gospel to all those who will hear and listen to the voice of God for he is the one who will guide and protect us in good and bad times. You may ask well would you  (as in me) be willing to die for the cause or go all the way and my answer is bring it on dude. I am a hardcore biker with morals and beliefs that will not be shaken nor destroyed by a mere man, or by satan himself for that matter. I am ready to go all the way are you? Are you prepared to take a stand and say i will not be shaken by the enemy rather it be our government, another country a bunch of radical idiots who think they are the ones who should tell  what we should and should not believe? I know I am and I know how to survive and keep my family alive and I have bros and sisters who will help and it has already been discussed.  Get ready for the rumble of the century and stand tall and proud and fight the good fight. Never under estimate your enemy doing this will cause you to falter and lose the fight. He studies us everyday and well I wouldn’t study him unless I had total protection from God i would learn his ways in order to counter attack and use tactics he has never seen nor heard of in order to fight this war.Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you with all the he has in store for you.



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