today’s devotional

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

Today i did devotion and ironically it was weird and cool, you see i went to the potter’s touch website and saw the sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes and it happened to be john 4 the samaratin woman at the well and how Jesus was weary and sat at the well Jacob made on a parcel of land and in the 6th hour a woman came to draw water and Jesus asks for a drink and the woman asks why a jew  is talking to a samaratin and he replies the water you draw from the well you will thirst again, but the water I have you will never thirst. Then today’s devotional was the same thing. sometimes we are given the same message twice in order for it to sink in and it is still sinking in but then the message in the devotional was about this trip a church did in England and Scottland and the bus driver welted up with tears because the kids behavior was christ like and he could see  a little bit of God in these kids and then they sent him thank you cards. who knows maybe they sent out a stream of living water from their hearts, my target people are the bikers and i have touched a few but sometimes it goes beyond just your target and you make more of an impact on others than your target. I think that is happening to me at this time. You never know. What I am trying to say is keep doing the work of  God and touch who you can when you can and give them a shot at the living water. It may be God letting you practice before a direct impact on the people you want to minister to in order to get your heart right and build you knowledge before hitting you main people becuase it is the ones you target the most that will be your most challenging and more capable of destroying your ministry through challenges and persecution. So keep this in mind and as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you with all the wonders of heaven.



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