a loss

Posted: April 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I went to a motorcycle club meeting and found out that one of their chapter presidents passed away in a motorcycle accident. it is unfortunate to lose a brother to the road, the Chaplin  of the club had very touching words to say and they were well put. I am asking you for prayer for the family and for the club I am not at liberty to mention names of clubs or members who pass in order to stay within their code of conduct and what they do and do not want released. God will know who you are praying for and he will understand why I must not release names. The biker world wether a christian organization or outlaw is a tight world with strict guidelines and expectations. I wish I could get the people in my house hold to understand this aspect of the biker world. I am here to also report I have received a possible location for a weekly bible study so keep that in prayer as well. As I have said my house hold is mainly unbelievers so my wife and I are out numbered. But the lord will see to it that what he wants me to do will get done even if it pains them it will be done. The lord’s work to me means more even more than any paid job, I know i need to put food on the table but lately that seems so irrelevant compared to saving one’s soul. this is just my opinion. anyway look for more lessons learned and as always keep the rubber side down and may God really pour the blessings of heaven upon you as you go through the week.

question I need a vote I had a guy tell me to keep the greasy side down and the shinny side up my wife says i should us that rather than keep the rubber side down, what do you think let me know.

  1. terry1954 says:

    prayers are coming your way. god bless

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