suffering is it righteous and does God enjoy watching it happen?

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Many people who claim to be atheists say there is no God or God does not exist, either one of these two statements due to their lack of knowledge of  or the refusal to accept biblical truth per Genesis  or anything in direct relation to the bible. They say if there was a God or existence thereof then there would be no suffering in the world and especially not as bad as it has gotten, and I do admit it has gotten worse. There is an old saying ” it’ll get worse before it gets better” this was used in the old classic movie Road House with Patrick Swayzie  and Sam Elliot. In the movie people suffered a lot due to this rich guy Same Wesley who took advantage of a town through money. At the end he got his and it was exactly what he deserved.

In the book of Job, Job is a man from the land of UZ who is perfect and upright in God’s eyes he was one of if not the richest in the land earning it honestly through hard work I would imagine. He presented along with his sons themselves to God and low and be hold here comes old horns himself the devil. In this book I think it is depicting the devil as the wind I may have wrote on this subject before but I have a little more insight on this. As we know satan gets permission to test Job and see just how faithful he is to God and so in chapter six the testing begins and he smites Job left and right the only thing is he cannot kill Job he can only torment him with what ever he can think of that would hurt him and get him to curse God and thus if this happened he could say to God ” HA GOTCHA SUCKER” but as we all know those of us who read this book  that never happened and he was rewarded greatly for all that he lost,

In today’s world we see a lot of suffering, homeless people, starving children and adults just awful things people killing one another and it is really bad. We even see people suffer in bondage and in sickness and disease and they are upright citizens and do good and have faith.

I am not going to try and guess why it seems that God allows it to go on I do believe it is man’s in humanity to man which feeds it as well as greed, but I don;t think God wills it to go on and why does it seem like they are getting away with it? Because God knows when judgment will come and he knows that when people who suffer come out of that suffering on a count of God there is always  an awesome testimony and that testimony will bring glory to him thus bringing more whiteness es out to show his glory to other people. And this brings more people to the kingdom of heaven. It is hard to get the secular world to grasp and understand this concept but it is true and as I continue to pursue my education in seminary I will be able to better understand and explain this concept in more detail than what I am able to as of now. So until next time keep the rubber side down and may God pour out the belssings of heaven upon you and your family.



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