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We will never really know what goes through a soldier’s head when out in theater if war on foreign soil.

are they sad, are they mad , do they experience happiness, I know they miss, they miss mothers, wives ,daughters, aunts, uncles and friends but they expect to come home they don’t expect the battle field to be the very end. FLags are raised on this very day while most people think it is time to play however for the christian it is a time to pray and give thanks to those who died in battle or in training for what little freedoms we have, and in return as we sit upon our couches in our fancy houses, ride our fancy harleys and drive our fancy cars we are so not satified that we say nothing as the freedoms fought for and died for are slowly taken out from underneath our noses yet we continue to remain silent yet we say this is a free christian nation and although it so is not. there is a saying only two people truely died for freedom, Jesus Christ and the American soldier which is true but in return for their sacrifice set before them so we can enjoy our lives we murmur and complain about what is no longer in fashion or about a burnt hot dog or something a bit more stupid. America we need to wake up and take back all of that which was fought for otherwise your loved ones who have died will have done so in vein and that is not right, what will you say to them when you see them again someday, there will be no excuse on why we as a nation of freedom fighting christians didn’t do just what we are supposed to do which is fight the good fight. We must bless our soldiers with health, strength and wisdom before they step foot in another land, you never know if their blood will be spilled on the sand.

there is a prayer psalm 59:1defend me from mine eniemies , Omy God defend me from those who rise against me, deliver me from workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men.

The fight we fight today must be finished so that this fight won’t be left for the next generation to fight, we are in a war a spiritual war and we must dawn the full armor of God and ask for his wisdom and strength to pull us through. We must be vigilant to the serpents evil plans and always be weary of satan the lion roaming the earth roaring seeking to devour, mame  and destroy all that which is good.

We are in an election year, and although we want change, how is the change doing so far? If we accept any more change we will have no military to defend us, we will lose our rights and suffer under what ever dark leader we choose to elect due to our blinders of stupidity, selfishness and pride because we are afraid to stand for that which is right. So this memorial day think of what you can do better to honor the fallen heroes who have died for the very things we stem to lose and ask the lord for guidance and he will give it to you and show you how to take the blinders of stupidity off and put on the helmet of salvation to rise and let our nation survive the good fight to ascend into heaven not only to see loved ones who died for you and me but to hear those words, WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.

until next time keep the rubber side down and may God poor out the riches of heaven upon you today in the form of fesh manna , God bless.



Lately I have been asked by an individual about this topic and so this maybe a small series that will span quite a few weeks. There is some material  that pertains to this subject that I am going to order and study. Bear with me as we take a look at this controversial topic. It won’t be written on everyday however those that read this and want to keep up I would urge you to save all these articles and then you should be able to put them together to make sense of all the stuff I will discuss. CAUTION SOME OF THIS MAYBE UNSUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, however this subject is taught widely in the public school system and I will do my best to research anything I can to make you aware of this, how to deal with this in a manner befitting a Christian and how to witness against this so that maybe we as the body of Christ will be able to  fight this good fight against this life style and ideology that is presented to young people and kids of today more so than ever before.

When we think of homosexuals we automatically think  of male and male or female and female having relations, which this practice is an abomination to God and  this is a fact which is stated several times in the bible. the dictionary defines this as characterized by  sexual attraction by a person for another person of the same sex. That pretty much defines this particular practice. However I have heard it said that homosexuals are born that way in which case this theology is totally wrong and I consider this a false doctrine if you will. Members of the gay and lesbian community recruit young teenagers and some even recruit as young as elementary school age kids. And yet if we speak out about this disgusting lifestyle we are charged with hate crimes and the first constitutional right which is freedom of speech is thrown out the window because why? well it is politically incorrect to reprove one’s err even if it is an abomination against God however these are the same people who do not mind yelling OH MY GOD when trouble arises, things that make you go hmmm. When we reporve or correct the errors of one or more people it is because we are our brother’s keeper, look at Genesis 4:8-9 where Cain and Able were out in the field talking and Cain slew Able and God ask Cain in verse 9 where is your brother Able and Cain replied I know not. why am I my brother’s keeper? Well in a sense yes we are our brother’s keeper and our sister’s keeper because as  Christians we are to hold each other accountable for our actions with out condemning one another.

We as a nation saw our president sign into law and openly admit to the public gay and lesbian marriage is ok, this surprised me coming from a muslim who claims to be Christian doing this because muslims talk about paradise and seven virgins, ( in which I hope they never divorce because the alamony would be horrendous to say the least never mind the child support) but any how yes this not only surprised me but  it disturbed me to know that the American people would stand for this and call it equal civil rights and go into church on Sunday and proclaim they are a Christian living in a country founded on Judeo- Christianity and not even bat an eye and we wonder why God seems so far away it isn’t that he is far away but the opposite we are far away and will continue to be far away as long as we accept this propaganda  life style to invade our lives and way of thinking and just say or it must be the times. Let us look to see what the bible says and then later on in the month we will revisit this same topic.

Some say it is not wrong to live and practice the homosexual life style the bible says, in Leviticus 18:22, thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womenkind it is an abomination. In Leviticu 20:13 it says  if a man also lie with mankind  as he lieth with a woman both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

judging by these two passages alone I would be fearful of living this particular lifestyle and would turn from it immediately however a lot of people see the bible as a book of fiction and not truth, it is because they are so ashamed and embarrassed by their choice to live like the devil and so afraid of the consequences that they choose to turn away from God and then wonder why they are in a lifestyle unacceptable to most of society and now the government is making laws to make this an acceptable lifestyle airing it on television and saying there is nothing wrong with homosexuality however the bible clearly says otherwise and then we wonder why our country has gone or is going down the pooper at an alarming speed and they look up and say God help us but we want to continue to live this way therefore the cries are not heard and prayers are of a horrible stench in the nostroles  of God’s nose and it smells so bad and the sight of this so horrendous he can’t even bare to be near or around it so he simply walks away.

As I said we will revisit this topic at a future date with more on what the bible says on this subject, so until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you with the wonders of his presence and the knowledge of his word.


Let’s look first at what the  definition of a Christian is and then we can go from there and look at what the life style is supposed to be and then go to the ministerial portion of this life style of Jesus followers and God worshipers and see where this will lead us and how it does in fact better our lives and what areas it touches our lives as well as how it can affect other people we come into contact with as long as we as Christians keep it real, do not over exaggerate and ove emphasize the scripture and keep it as God’s sovereign word in order to keep it alive for generations to come.

The tools I will use for this article are the Webster’s Library of Practical Information and the King James version of the bible and we will see if these two sources of endless information line up and then I will put in my view point on this particular topic.

Christian is defined in the Webster’s Library of Practical Information as:  The religion of those who accept Jesus as God incarnate.

The bible says this  in Acts 11:26 it states: And when he had found him he brought him unto Antioch. And it came to pass, that a whole year they assembles themselves with the church, and  taught much people.And the disciples were called Christians first in Antioch. This passage here to me would describe where the term came from  and when it was first used , it was first used in Antioch to describe the disciples .

In 26:28 still in the book of Acts it states : Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. Herod Agrippa was the son of  Herod in acts 12 and he is simply called Agrippa in scripture and in this passage he admits to Paul that he almost believed what Paul believed and thus he said Paul almost persuaded him to become a Christian.

1Pete 4:16  states : Yet if any man suffer as a Christian, let him not be ashamed; but let him glorify God on this behalf. Behalf meaning  matter . So in this context it is saying if a man suffers for reasons of simply being a Christian then he should not be ashamed of this and glorify God  for this matter because he will be rewarded greatly in heaven for this deed.

Now we should look at this first  where does the Christian lifestyle start first? It starts  through the heart taught by the parents and is then  re-enforced by the pastor of the church. We start by being good stewards of time and money freely giving and not keeping a death grip on what we have for all that we have was given to us by God and there for we need to recognize that it is his not ours. We accept Christ  as out lord and savior and pay no attention to those who mock and make fun of us for their judgement will come in due time not in our time.

Ministry where does it start? It starts at home through daily reading of the bible, and staying in the spirit as much as possible with out being negative or abusive in any way. This to me is where the ministry starts and is established within the confines of the house hold and then expands out into the community and work place as we reach different stages in our knowledge of the scriptures.

I hope this is an enlightening article and makes you think. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.


A man on his ride jamin’ down the road, tattooed to the hilt, long  goatee, bald headed by choice, believes in chrome and steel, leather and being one with God  in every aspect of life.

The oecking order of beliefs are as follows.

Long rides,  down  decollete roads in a pack of like minded brothers and sisters.

tattoos that exalt God and celebrate the glory of heaven

leather , which symbolizes a carnal type of armor to protect against what ever blows up from the road or kicked back from a cage.

these are the things I believe in , in the carnal mind however in the spiritual mind which I’d rather stay, I believe before I put on any leather, any bandanna, gloves, or even turn the key to bring my beast to life , I must pray to the living God who has blessed me with the ability to ride, and not hide my beliefs for I wear them with pride sewn on my vest bright, I wear the support colors of the Disciples Of Thunder M/M  to show I will ride anywhere God sends me to bring and proclaim the gospel. I get down on an unbeliever’s level for I know they would not understand that of which I speak, they look at me and say YOU CAN’T  BE A CHRISTIAN YOU’RE A BIKER.  I ask why can’t a biker be a Christian? They say it don’t mix. Really what makes you say that? Well  you have tattoos, you ride a loud bike, you probably get drunk and do drugs and sell guns. I say really, well I do drink, I drink my favorite drink mountain dew, drugs no I do not do, I have been offered many times I have never even tried pot let alone cocaine, or meth or heroin. I drank in my past my favorite beer was red dog, I would drink a fifth of Jack Daniels on new years eve, but that didn’t mean I didn’t believe it just meant I didn’t understand the Christian way and I also thought it wouldn’t mix.

I was wrong it isn’t that bikers and Christianity don’t mix it’s that my mindset didn’t mix. Cowboys were Christian, not all but some there are stories of cowboys toting bibles in their saddle bags and reading them around camp fires,before bed, praying before every meal. so what’s the big deal, what’s the difference between the cowboy we read about in history books, see in old westerns with John Wayne or the show Bonanza?  There is no real difference between a biker and a cowboy except one and that is we ride iron horses today and feed them gasoline instead of hay. The mechanic is similar to the vet and so yet we are different but yet the same. I wear my patches with no shame. I am a biker, chosen by God to ride hard through the highways and byeways  to proclaim the gospel or even die for it if need be because I not only see Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior, no I see him also as a brother who would have no problem with me doing what I do in fact, he would be proud to call me brother, I bow to no one but him and that is the only person I will do this for no other person can amount to Jesus or God because there is no other person I know of who could be divine into three manifestations, Father, Son and Holy Spirit , except for one and that is my God the God of Israel, Abraham, Moses, Isaac,Jacob and Father of Jesus Christ. So my mindset has changed, I do fit in the mix because God says I do and he loves me just as much as he loves you, for it says in John 3:16 for God so loved the WORLD that he gave his only begotten son that whom so ever believeth in him shall not perish but have ever lasting life. He didn’t just choose me to die for and defeat death and be raised on the third day, He chose everyone he calls people to do what us Christian bikers do and it is up to us to proclaim the gospel to the unsaved bikers, and anyone else who will listen with an open heart. My pecking order today is different than yesterday, and God knows this and this is why he allows me to ride when everyone else said I would never be able to.So you need to think twice before you judge whether or not a biker can be a Christian or not for that is not up to you, it is up to God. My pecking order is as follows,

God,  with out God you can do nothing.

Job, without a job you can’t take care of yourself, or anyone else,let alone keep your ride rolling .

wife, she is a help meet a helper comparable to me, my rib flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone.

daughter, without here well life just wouldn’t be as interesting

my ride, my ride is my tool to bring the gospel where ever God leads me.

these are my main points in my pecking order so here’s the deal I’M A CHRISTIAN BIKER DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT I DARE YA.

Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you with the milk and honey flowing over in Heaven.


The Head

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You may be looking at this title of this article and ask yourself , the head of what? What is he talking about the head? Good thing ya asked, and so here is what I am talking about.

The head of the house, head of the church, and what this represents and what the bible actually says about a marriage and how it should be modeled after the relationship Christ has with the church.

The bible I am using is the King James Version the verses are, Ephesians 1:22,5:23-25, colosians 1:18 and  Genesis 1:26.

Many marriages seem to be falling apart almost in the same manner that the country if falling apart, and correct me if I am wrong, but they are falling apart for basically the same reason and this reason men are losing their position as leaders. due partially to the so called women’s lib ( women’s liberation) movement in the  early to late 70’s. The laws written now a days seem to only side with women, not to sound sexist in anyway but it’s true. I am for women working as hard as men, I am even supportive of women riding motorcycles, my wife rides now and loves it. I am saying the laws are not as equally viewed as they should be. Now it seems as though men are almost afraid to take charge of a house hold or even a corporation for fear they may say or do the wrong thing and if they do then the woman has the right to file a civil law suit against the male thus putting him in a position of public humiliation and the same is going on in the house hold where couples are doing the same thing mainstream corporate companies are doing and men are stepping aside and allowing women to run everything and this is not what God intended women to do. Let us look and see just exactly God wants for women. Now he does not say they aren’t capable of working outside the house, nor does he say they are the slaves of men and they must bow down to him and obey every word.

What God wants between women and men is the same model Jesus had with the church. I don’t recall the church bellowing out orders to him as if it were a drill sergeant, but what I have seen is just that between men and women and men feel fearful to say anything back in fear of the woman calling the cops and the embarrassment that comes to the man having to explain his actions and being treated like a mere criminal that is definitely not what he had in mind.

in Ephesians 1:22 it  says God put Jesus in charge of the church ( in charge in this context means head of) for the best interest of the church. Now you have Jesus as head of the church, but he shows his love and affection to the church thus showing us how men are to treat their wives. In verses 24-25 it says therefore as the church is subject unto Jesus, so let their wives be to their own husbands in everything. Now does this mean they must ask permission to go to the store? NO. It simply is saying as the church submits unto Jesus as a show of respect to his authority so should the wives in marriages. In verse 5:22 it says for the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church; and he is the savior of the body.

Now I am a husband and I am not off the hook so therefore neither is any other husband so now no one can say I am singling out women or men they are both equally to blame is this arena.

in verse 25 it says Husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it. Meaning we as husbands maybe required to make sacrifices for our wives just as they are to do the same for us.

in Genesis 1:26 God says let us make man in our own image and let them have dominion ove the fish of the sea and fowls of the air and over cattle and over every creeping thing that creepeth  upon the land., so in a way here is some what of an illistration of man being head of something even in the beginning of the earth upon creation.

God made woman from the rib of man in Genesis 2:26 when he caused a deep sleep to come over man and he took his rib and made a woman and presented her to man and Adam said this is now bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh and she was called woman because she was taken out of man. now the reason for the creation of woman was to give man a help meet meaning she would be a helper comparable to man, but yet different because God only intended women to bare children not men. Women are the nurturing softer part of man known as the feminine side where as men are masculine and tough by nature. So we now have a balance and this is the way God intended it to be but now the evil powers that be intend to tip the scale of balance or even  enialate  the scales altogether. How is this ? I heard president Obama has approved gay marriage which is an abomination to God and could be the destructive move that will devastate the marriage relationship God had intended for us to keep. So we are all equally guilty and could and should be judged accordingly however we are under grace and if we were to change this whole scenario we would I think fall back under God’s favor by walking back to him with a sincere heart of repentance. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly pour out the blessings of heaven upon you.


Man God is a good God, I have obtained a copy of Andrew Wommack’s  brand new book Financial Stewardship and I am still in the old testament in seminary school and it is starting to come together. You see we have first of all been taught that in order to be a Christian you must be poor which is WRONG. The Bible is full of prosperous people, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as Job just to name a few and as I study in school and see these people I realize that the same goes for us today.We are the chosen children of God and God wants us to be in relationship with him.So many things are told in the first testament about what is expected of his children, yet we continue to do things the Tony Bennett way, what way is that you may ask? Good question it is OUR WAY, and guess what folks? IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. We must do things God’s way in order to see any manifestation come to light in ANY and ALL areas of our life, from finances which is least to relationships to healing of various ailments which is far more greater and complicated. We want answered prayer which can be hindered by not following through with the other aspects of our lives such as giving generously with a humble heart. What is a humble heart? in order to know what that is we must first define the word HUMBLE which means:possessing or marked by the virtue of humility. I think that would pretty much describe Jesus Christ don’t you?

I have received more knowledge in the past week than I could ever imagine and a lot of it I am guilty of. Prosparity is not just monetary and you can give of other things as well because the knowledge and talent you have was given to us by God and not through our own power because we are not that powerful. We must give back to God that in which he intrusted us with and in return by doing this and touching other people’s lives by sowing seed in their lives through the sharing of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ we are rewarded not only here on earth but in heaven as well. We Christians must realize we are set apart from the world and are NOT OF THIS WORLD. We are to set an example as ambassadors for Christ and learn how to properly sow and reap come harvest time. We must take a close look at mistakes made by people in the bible and try not to repeat them again. They say history repeats its self and so if we make the same mistakes as that which were made in the bible then we will be in bondage as the Israelites were during the Exodus out of Egypt when they were in the wilderness for forty years when it should have been shorter. We must learn all that is what the lord intends for us in order to preserve our well being and pass it down from generation to generation and then when we get to heaven we will hear God say the words I am dyeing to hear,WELL  DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT WELCOME HOME. These are the end times so we need to be planting seed of biblical proportion now in order to see loved ones come time we are called back home for an eternity vacation of worshiping the lord in a place where there is no pain, no sorrow or sadness just tears of joy and satisfaction of doing the mission of God and it being a successful one. We win it has already been predestined in the scriptures and NO ONE can prove me wrong on that one. As I close out this article I encourage you to get these tools which will help you in your walk with  God they are, opening up the gates of heaven by prophetic evangelist Perry Stone and Andrew Wammock’s  book financial stewardship in which both of these books  can be paralleled to a degree but will enlighten you to more knowledge and understanding of the way God works. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly pour out the blessings of heaven in which he wants to bestow upon us as his children.


My wife and I were on the internet looking for wholesale christian biker patch distributors and came across, wholesale patches .com. I saw one patch that read CELEBRATE NATIONAL ATHEIST  DAY APRIL 1…PSALMS 14:1. I thought i don’t want to deal with these people selling this kind of stuff, then the lord hit me in the head, with what I am not sure and I looked up psalms 14:1 and it reads. the fool says in his heart, there is no God. they are corrupt, they do abominable deeds. there is none who does good. Then it was like oh yeah April fools, atheist fools wow God does have a sense of humor. I ask the owner if it would be possible to be partners with her shop and sell their stuff down here in the south Florida area and she sounded like she was good for it, so if you want patches or know someone who wants them contact me and I will get in contact and sell you the patches you want at a price that won’t break the bank. these people are genuine Christians they sell t shirst and stickers as well, so let me know. When you purchase patches from here you are sewing into great, not just good but great soil for the Christian biker,. until next time. keep the rubber side down and may God bless.