Touched by the Holy Ghost

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ever been touched by the Holy Ghost, I have experienced this twice in my life that I can remember. This time it was this morning while riding home from work at about 5 am it was awesome. I praised the Lord at the top of my lungs no one around but God and me. But I must confess that the more I praised the fast the bike went but no cops in sight so I was a-o-k. It was cool I came up with songs and sang them aloud I think God must have been laughing who knows, I was having the ride of my life, with the exception of riding with my wife. I bought her a new scoot because the one I previously bought her was a lemon and quit running properly. So we spent the small savings we started for a car on her new bike which she loves. I came home with the sense that all will be ok it may seem bleak right now but it will work out in what ever way God has planned for it to work out and that is something we all need to learn is that WE are not in control of ANYTHING, God is in control of EVERYTHING, and when we learn this and accept this and apply it to our daily lives, routines , thoughts, understanding and willingness to allow this to take place then we will all be better off, better people and love one another as we should and then all of us can experience the touch of the Holy Ghost and get the ultimate high. There is not enough dope or alcohol to amount to the high the Holy Ghost gives. And this will be a better way of life for all, we will live longer, love better, understand and study God’s word more and learn to be more like Jesus and not like the world full of grime and grit and all that stuff, we will be content with who we are not only in ourselves but in the Lord and the Lord in us will shine and we will be as the apostles who when  Peter walked down the street he was so anointed that just his shadow alone would heal the sick, the diseased and raise the dead. We need to understand we were told we would do greater works, see greater wonders and this was not a joke, nor is it saying God and Jesus are not or were not able to do great things, the greatest thing I can think of is seeing multitudes of people lining the streets of persecuted Christians get saved and when you see a person born again of the spirit it is something else.

So go out and experience the touch, the touch of the Holy Ghost and you will see what I mean. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God pour out his blessing that I know he has for you and all of us in his kingdom and that day will definitely make an impact on your life and when this happens then it impacts others as well.


  1. terry1954 says:

    excellent teaching

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