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I have started to read a new book entitled opening the gates of Heaven by Perry Stone, so far it is a fantastic eye opening book and  I am taking notes as I read it so I am only on chapter 5. However I am writing on on chapter in the book with the same title of this article. 7 spiritual laws for answered prayer.believing is the first key to this, you must believe with all of your being in order for prayer to be answered. Confessing, confessing aloud with your mouth that you have received the thing in that which you prayed for and thanking God not only for answering the new thing you prayed for but for all other prayers he has answered in the past. Thank him for past blessings, like his son dying on the cross, taking the judgment which was meant for you and then defeating satan and death only to rise on the third day to go sit at the right hand of the Father and become our advocate so we can ask him to petition God for our prayers  and they are answered. you see God is our judge, twenty-four elders who serve as the jury(rev.4:4) satan appears in the court as the accuser of the brethren or prosecutor (rev.12:10) and as I said Jesus as our advocate.

the seven  spiritual laws are as follows,

1) You must ask,  (Luke 11:9) says ask and it shall be given to you. We have been taught to ask for something and it is given to us. wether it is in the time we want or what we want exactly varies, if God was to give us just what we ask for, for all we know what we want could be harmful to us in the long run or harmful to another person later on depending on what it is and what not.

2) we must ask in faith. God has dealt to each one of us a measure of faith.( romans (12:3) we need to have faith that what we are seeking from God has already been done wether or not we see it now or down the road should not matter the point is that it has already been done through the death and resurrection on the cross.

3) you must ask in faith not wavering. wavering faith may hinder the answer God will give you because of you wishy washy faith. Your faith must be as strong as the oak tree firmly planted and never swaying in the winds, we must be as the oak tree and not sway during times of trials and satan’s devious plans to disrupt our spiritual walk with God and when he sees he is not accomplishing anything through his dark work he will flee because you have resisted him through the strength of Christ Jesus and thus your faith did not waver. Will it always be perfect faith NO because if it were perfect that would make us perfect not only in faith but other aspects of our life therefore meaning Jesus’ defeat of death and hell were done in vein.


4)you must be in full agreement with another. AGAIN I SAY TO YOU THAT IF TWO OF YOU AGREE ON EARTH CONCERNING ANYTHING THAT THEY ASK, IT WILL BE DONE FOR THEM BY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN.FOR WHEN TWO OR THREE ARE GATHERED TOGETHER IN MY NAME I AM THERE IN THE MIDST OF THEM(Mathew 18:19-20) Here is another little secret that when you are in agreement when praying with another and say the words AMEN, AMEN in itself means so be it, meaning it will be done by our Heavenly father through faith sealing the deal so to speak.

5) you must ask the Father in Jesus’ name, the reason for this is given in John 14:13-14 which says, when ever you ask in my name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son, if you ask anything in my name, I will do it. This is saying to ask in the name of Jesus and it will be done thus glorifying the Father in Heaven. It is also stated in the bible forgive me I cannot remember the exact verse but it  says no one goes to the Father but through me. And the reason is clearly stated in the above verse.

6)  you must hold fast your confession. meaning  the prayer will come down hard and overpower the obstacle which may be in the way and could hinder your prayer. This will over power it by holding fast to your confession.

7) you must agree in line with the will of God. God wants the best for his children just as your earthly parents would like the best for you the same goes for God. He knows what is best for all of us because not only did he create us, he knows what will happen in the future and can foresee any danger that maybe lurking around the corner so he may give us what we need which maybe best for us at the time and later on he may give us what we really wanted later thus letting us realize that what we wanted in the first place wasn’t such a good deal, however making us wait to get what we really wanted may make what we wanted that much better because we are more wiser to accept responsibility to  accept what we thought at one time we needed only to figure out we didn’t really need it all that much in the first place and since what God gave us may not have been what we wanted right then, we got what he thought and or knew what was best for us in the first place.

I want to let everyone know these commentaries on this portion of Perry Stone’s book are mine and what I have gotten out of it so far. You can pick up this book and read it for yourself and see what you get out of it. you can pick it up at wal-mart it is a great read. Until next tine as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly pour out the blessings of need and desire for he knows them both.


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