The things I am learning as a Christian in a new light at a higher level than I have ever been

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Man God is a good God, I have obtained a copy of Andrew Wommack’s  brand new book Financial Stewardship and I am still in the old testament in seminary school and it is starting to come together. You see we have first of all been taught that in order to be a Christian you must be poor which is WRONG. The Bible is full of prosperous people, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as well as Job just to name a few and as I study in school and see these people I realize that the same goes for us today.We are the chosen children of God and God wants us to be in relationship with him.So many things are told in the first testament about what is expected of his children, yet we continue to do things the Tony Bennett way, what way is that you may ask? Good question it is OUR WAY, and guess what folks? IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY. We must do things God’s way in order to see any manifestation come to light in ANY and ALL areas of our life, from finances which is least to relationships to healing of various ailments which is far more greater and complicated. We want answered prayer which can be hindered by not following through with the other aspects of our lives such as giving generously with a humble heart. What is a humble heart? in order to know what that is we must first define the word HUMBLE which means:possessing or marked by the virtue of humility. I think that would pretty much describe Jesus Christ don’t you?

I have received more knowledge in the past week than I could ever imagine and a lot of it I am guilty of. Prosparity is not just monetary and you can give of other things as well because the knowledge and talent you have was given to us by God and not through our own power because we are not that powerful. We must give back to God that in which he intrusted us with and in return by doing this and touching other people’s lives by sowing seed in their lives through the sharing of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ we are rewarded not only here on earth but in heaven as well. We Christians must realize we are set apart from the world and are NOT OF THIS WORLD. We are to set an example as ambassadors for Christ and learn how to properly sow and reap come harvest time. We must take a close look at mistakes made by people in the bible and try not to repeat them again. They say history repeats its self and so if we make the same mistakes as that which were made in the bible then we will be in bondage as the Israelites were during the Exodus out of Egypt when they were in the wilderness for forty years when it should have been shorter. We must learn all that is what the lord intends for us in order to preserve our well being and pass it down from generation to generation and then when we get to heaven we will hear God say the words I am dyeing to hear,WELL  DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT WELCOME HOME. These are the end times so we need to be planting seed of biblical proportion now in order to see loved ones come time we are called back home for an eternity vacation of worshiping the lord in a place where there is no pain, no sorrow or sadness just tears of joy and satisfaction of doing the mission of God and it being a successful one. We win it has already been predestined in the scriptures and NO ONE can prove me wrong on that one. As I close out this article I encourage you to get these tools which will help you in your walk with  God they are, opening up the gates of heaven by prophetic evangelist Perry Stone and Andrew Wammock’s  book financial stewardship in which both of these books  can be paralleled to a degree but will enlighten you to more knowledge and understanding of the way God works. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly pour out the blessings of heaven in which he wants to bestow upon us as his children.


  1. terry1954 says:

    thank you for sharing this information. much appreciated

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