Memorial Day, a day to remember

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

We will never really know what goes through a soldier’s head when out in theater if war on foreign soil.

are they sad, are they mad , do they experience happiness, I know they miss, they miss mothers, wives ,daughters, aunts, uncles and friends but they expect to come home they don’t expect the battle field to be the very end. FLags are raised on this very day while most people think it is time to play however for the christian it is a time to pray and give thanks to those who died in battle or in training for what little freedoms we have, and in return as we sit upon our couches in our fancy houses, ride our fancy harleys and drive our fancy cars we are so not satified that we say nothing as the freedoms fought for and died for are slowly taken out from underneath our noses yet we continue to remain silent yet we say this is a free christian nation and although it so is not. there is a saying only two people truely died for freedom, Jesus Christ and the American soldier which is true but in return for their sacrifice set before them so we can enjoy our lives we murmur and complain about what is no longer in fashion or about a burnt hot dog or something a bit more stupid. America we need to wake up and take back all of that which was fought for otherwise your loved ones who have died will have done so in vein and that is not right, what will you say to them when you see them again someday, there will be no excuse on why we as a nation of freedom fighting christians didn’t do just what we are supposed to do which is fight the good fight. We must bless our soldiers with health, strength and wisdom before they step foot in another land, you never know if their blood will be spilled on the sand.

there is a prayer psalm 59:1defend me from mine eniemies , Omy God defend me from those who rise against me, deliver me from workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men.

The fight we fight today must be finished so that this fight won’t be left for the next generation to fight, we are in a war a spiritual war and we must dawn the full armor of God and ask for his wisdom and strength to pull us through. We must be vigilant to the serpents evil plans and always be weary of satan the lion roaming the earth roaring seeking to devour, mame  and destroy all that which is good.

We are in an election year, and although we want change, how is the change doing so far? If we accept any more change we will have no military to defend us, we will lose our rights and suffer under what ever dark leader we choose to elect due to our blinders of stupidity, selfishness and pride because we are afraid to stand for that which is right. So this memorial day think of what you can do better to honor the fallen heroes who have died for the very things we stem to lose and ask the lord for guidance and he will give it to you and show you how to take the blinders of stupidity off and put on the helmet of salvation to rise and let our nation survive the good fight to ascend into heaven not only to see loved ones who died for you and me but to hear those words, WELL DONE MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT.

until next time keep the rubber side down and may God poor out the riches of heaven upon you today in the form of fesh manna , God bless.


  1. What an important and lovely post this is, Robbie.
    Our family celebrated Memorial Day and we hung the flag. We remembered and thanked the vets in our family and those whom we know personally. It’s certainly not enough but it was all I could think of to do. We’ve been far too busy lately with a host of things since my child got out of school, but we should never get so busy that we forget to teach our children to be grateful to our vets. God bless, Robbie.

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