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Tomorrow is never guaranteed

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I was watching a new show called devils ride on the discovery channe;. This episode showed a patched member of the Laffing Devils M/C  who passed away due to a heart attack. He was young in age around 36 or so. This shows me we all push the envelope in one way shape or form no matter what we do, whether it be drive a car, ride a motorcycle, or even just walk out our front door we are alive and because we are alive we push it, some more than others. This episode reminded me that life is short so we need to show the ones around us just how much we care and love them no matter their flaws. We as Christians need to show more of the light of Jesus Christ and  spread the word of God through out the land as much and often as we can to ensure that as many people make it to heaven as possible. This is a short article to make you think about how we act and conduct ourselves because you never know the person you claim to hate or have an issue with and refuse to resolve it it could be their last day or even worse your last day on earth and when that happens everyone around who is involved in both lives has their world turned upside down. Just food for thought.

Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless you. R.I.P. JUICE



:     A lot of people think  that when sickness, or disease strikes or a birth defect, that it is of God and this simply is not true it is a  wrong frame of mind. People say oh you must have done something to offend God and that is not the case. God wants us well and doesn’t want his people to be sick.

I was born completely blind as stated in my testimony on the about page ,but it wasn’t anything my mom did or anything that I did.

in John 9:2  Jesus and his disciples came upon a blind beggar and the disciples ask Jesus  ,Master   who did sin this man or his parents that he was born blind?  This would indicate that the disciples connected the man’s blindness with either his actions or the actions of his parents.

in Deuteronomy 28 we will see something contrary to this and it will answer the question,

Blessings are ll in verses 1-14 showing what happens and what God will do when we obey his commands but in verses 15- 68 show the judgments brought on by God to the person or people who break the covenant thus the judgment seems more like a stimulating factor to keep upright with God rather than rebel against him breaking the covenant.\

Sin in general is what causes sickness and disease,  sometimes it is the actions of the person or people, look at  sexually active men and women having multiple partners and casually having sex you get std’s and worse you get aids, God didn’t bring that on you , you brought that on yourself by using sex for self gratification rather than what it was designed for by God which is to be enjoyed between a married couple, that being one woman and one man to be perfectly clear. Sodom and gamora , the Caananites these are just two examples of two countries using sin for self gratification thus breaking God’s covenant.

Look at the homosexuals  in America and how this country used to shew them away and not accept their life style and look they can’t reproduce  thus it messes up the divine balance of nature causing corruption in people minds and hearts as well as confusion in the way we ought to live life.

Thus if we keep going on the path we are walking down we will bring curses upon ourselves, God will not be to blame we will be and it is about time we as Christians stand up renew our covenant with God and start cracking open our bibles and read what is in the scriptures and obey them before it is too late. Quit embracing that which is dark and evil and start being the candle in the darkness and shew the darkness away to make way for the light of that which is to come.

Remember our sinful nature brings on the sickness and disease not God. Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless you.


The wisdom we have was given to us as a divine gift from God, knowledge to understand his word, knowledge to interpret things we read or see as right or wrong, good or evil what ever the case may be we know how to read between the lines.

we get the little voice that is known to the secular world as our conscious is actually the Holy Spirit trying to talk to us and we as Christians recognize this. We should be more aware of this and listen to what the Holy Spirit tells us and I think we would be better off in the long run.

Yesterday’s daily reading was on asking for wisdom it is by John MacArthur and he says in the daily read, our heavenly father promises us access to his unlimited  treasure not only to meet our own needs but the needs of others as well. Our knowledge as Christians about God and the gospel are how we can meet not only our needs through the ability to interpret what the Bible says and what the parables mean as we read them, as we gain more knowledge we are then able to share it with other people and explain to them what is going on , why it is going on and let them know there is good news and the good news is that we are no longer under the law but we are are under grace. We have the knowledge to unlock the mystery of the bible , will we fully understand God , no I don’t think so . I am glad, he gives us enough to share but keeps enough a mystery so we will fully depend on him to help us through out our christian walk with him and as we grow in our faith we grow in our wisdom and he gives us more to study and come to understand. Most of this was paraphrased John MacArthur did not say all of this the first sentence was his.

Here is another thing he said,part of feeliyou with the wisdom you need tng as though God isn’t providing us wisdom is that we don’t know how to receive it or what’s required in listening for it. How has God  most often supplied  you with the wisdom to handle certain situations?

I can tel you now that he has supplied me with wisdom through his word, however I am still learning to be still and listen to his voice and when we can master that along with the basics we will be able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

until next time, keep the rubber side down and may God bless you abundantly with the promises thrown down from heaven above.


Father’s Day

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I am not sure whether Father’s Day is actually Biblical, but it does honor fathers, and in psalm 68:5  it says THE GOD WHO IS IN HIS HOLY DWELLING PLACE IS A FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS. Now there is more to that verse I just took this part out for this particular article and for the context therein. This day is a good day, however it saddens me in a way, because I am reminded of the children who have no father, whether their father is imprisoned, overseas and unable to celebrate this day with their families or their father is now deceased, what ever the case I think of those people and how today must be sad for them. I am blessed to be able to spend this day with my daughter and see her as she grows up.

Before I wrote this I was reminded of the verse above and looked it up for the exact wording, and it is comforting to know that to the fatherless children, and widows out there God is our father, he provides for us and blesses us, he is our eternal source of comfort, all we need to do is turn to him and ask and it shall be given or done in his name. So on this day even if your father is still around stop today and honor our eternal father, give him thanks, and praise, acknowledge that he is there and be a blessing to him as he is a blessing to you, and as you are his blessing ask him to allow you to be his vesile   so he may minister through you to a person who has no earthly father. Ask where you can be used and when he tells you then go and do what he tells you and do it how he tells you to do it and thus you will be honoring God the father, as well as honoring a person who is fatherless.

Until next time may God pour his heavenly blessings upon you, may he supply your needs, wants and may he also bless you with someone you can be a blessing to as well.



Have you taken the time just to be still and alow god to speak to you? If not you are not the only one who is guilty of that, I too am guilty and I am just now learning how to do this and it is a process. God speaks to us in many ways I am admitting I can only name a few off  the top of my head, 1) through our conscious , which is that little voice in the back of your head saying ” don’t do this”, or reminding you of a scripture or something. Another is through your dreams, he may give you a dream of something is needs to pass and you’re the man for the job, thus you remember your dreams but it may manifest it’s self later, but when it does it is almost like you have already done that or said something that needed to be said. Another is through prayer, he will answer your prayer or he may speak to you while in prayer and lead you in a direction you couldn’t even imagine. The most important and most recognized way he speaks to you is through the living word it self, the Bible.

I went to a bible study tonight (last night considering it is 2:44 am)  and meditated for a long time, they called it prayer soaking, I was given a vision of  Jesus and I riding motorcycles on a deserted road through a desert area, and along side of us were lions running beside us, I was not afraid who could be when Jesus is with you. I learned that there is a fear inside that is being dealt with by the lord and to tell you the truth it may even be hindering prayers being answered. So this is another way to listen to the lord. Like I said , the lord speaks to us in many different ways, we just have to learn to be still and look at what ever it is he is using to get our attention then we sit ,be still, and listen, like when we are waiting for prayers to be answered, there is an old Tom Petty song and in it is says ” and the waiting is the hardest part”. How true that is, how true that is.

I know this was short and no verses to back this up, this is just a personal insight I thought I would share with you all, and I hope you enjoy it, until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you with his wisdom and knowledge poured out from heaven above.


A New Day

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I have heard it said today is a new day but never really thought about it much until now, we do what we do on the daily and then go to sleep not thinking of how precious life is and take what God gives us for granted and never stop to think today or tonight could be my last and so we go on business as usual. This is not what the Lord had in mind for us. To help us think of each and everyday as a new day we should take the wine skin ideology of looking at each and every day. The wine skin ideology you ask? Yup that is what I said here is how it works, and yes I myself am trying hard to work on this too. You can’t put new wine in an old wine skin, wine skins are what they used to put wine in back in the biblical days, Wonder if they could make mountain dew skins, that would rock I think, any way, the wine hasn’t ferminted yet so it would blow the wine skin to smitherines and thus you have no more wine. Well let’s look at this for a minute and analyze  this, we are filled with the Holy Spirit so in theory each day brings on new challenges, new thoughts and new everything so if we would just wake up and let yesterday be just what it is past tense, history forgotten, and onlly worry about today I think when we apply that we would be more happy, more satisfied in our skin, and not worry about too much causing stress, anxiety , heart problems, hihg blood pressure , and stroke, possibly alot more health risks that is why we worry about today and tomorrow well it will be a surprise all on it’s own. we can also look at it as maybe God wants to surprise us with something wonderful and so knowing what tomorrow will bring or worrying about it is not a good thing, Hard core bikers take each day as it comes and me being a hard core biker i should just let tomorrow bea surprise and go through life day by day and wing it and allow God to do his God thing, Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God bless you all.


How many of you have gone out in public talked about God, about Jesus, laid hands on the sick, was asked to justify your actions in doing so by family members or friends and was afraid to answer with boldness and stand firmly on the rock and proclaim the gospel and not waiver in what you were or are doing because you know the rewards are great in heaven as they are on earth , in Mark 5:19  it says to loose that in heaven and it will be loosed on earth and bind that which is in heaven as in earth. In order to do and fulfill our obligation as Christians we must do so not with rudeness but in BOLDNESS. Boldness is a certain fearlessness and if we know that God is on our side as we claim he is and claim to know then why is it that most Christian cower in the corners of their room, turn pale white when a voice is raised against the gospel and against our savior we should instead of turning pale white and cowering in a corner sucking our thumbs, should be filled with a righteous anger directed in love by the holy spirit not in mallace.

We should bind up the fear we fell when approached by someone who asks us about the lord or when we are directed and moved with compassion by the holy spirit to approach a person who needs the good news, and we are to speak with boldness, and lay hands for healing with boldness and cast out demons and shew the devil back to the hell he came from with boldness. If we try to do these things with any sense of fear the devil and his cohorts are like dogs they sense fear and they will devour you whole and spit you out bit by bit destroying you spiritually leaving you the christian with doubt of your own belief thus defeating you and beating you at a game he is not allowed to beat us at because out victory has already been proclaimed by God and when God says this is what will be done, how it will be done and when it will be done then so shall it be in his name with boldness I firmly believe this and nothing and no one can or will change this mindset I have. Boldness  occurs in the bible 25 times. Look at David and Goliath when David killed that fool with a single stone from a sling shot and defeated the philistine army, he had to have a sense of boldness knowing he was sent by God to do what others were afraid to do because they were bound in fear thus paralyzing them from doing what needed to be done.

Let’s look at scriptures concerning boldness and see what they say they will be the following scriptures Luke 11:8, Acts 4:13,4:29,28:31 .

Luke 11:8 I say unto you , though he will not rise and give him because of his importunity he will rise  and give him as many as he needeth. this is an example that through persistence prayer will prevail  which takes some boldness to know that if I keep doing this the out come will be as I want it to be.

acts 4:13,  now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge  of them, that they had been with Jesus.

4:29,And  now , lord behold their threatenings: and grant  unto thy servants , that with all boldness  they may speak thy word.

28:31, Preaching (proclaiming) the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the lord Jesus Christ with all confidence ( boldness) no man forbidding him.

In the above mentioned scriptures we see a pattern of boldness, luke 11:8  is prevailing prayer praying in boldness knowing the outcome would be that which is good and that God beyond the shadow of a doubt would answer the prayer that in and of itself takes a form of boldness. In acts 4:13,4;29  and 28:31 all speak of actions being done in boldness and the confidence that with God before you, you will win victory after victory  as you proclaim the kingdom of God with all boldness and now cower in fear sucking your thumb in a corner.This is going to be a bad parallel but you will see the relevance of it here in a moment. Look at an out law motorcycle club, the way they get members in not just taking anybody, they put people through a three fold process , 1) hand around, you hang around the club for a period of time to see what they are about and get to know them as they get to know who you are , then step 2 you are invited to probate or prospect with them and this time you do club things and are required to show what you have and why you should be patched in and then 3 you are fully patched if you have what it takes, God wants people in his kingdom and he loves us all equally but he doesn’t want us to waiver in our beliefs because if we compromise our beliefs and don;t stand firm in convictions proclaiming the kingdom then we allow the enemy to minipulate us to believe anything that comes our way and that just isn’t good enough for God. We need to be bold in what we stand for and if we stand for the kingdom then do so in confidence and boldness no matter the price, because we may pay a small price on earth but our reward will be great in heaven and eternal life is worth dying for if you ask me , I do not want to burn in fire for the rest of eternity.

Today more so we need to be bold and stand firm in what we believe or we will be persecuted harder than we can even imagine, and without the boldness bestowed upon us through the holy spirit we will be as tumble weed in the desert and we will go where ever the winds of doctrine take us going off course that which is in alignment with the bible. So I challenge and encourage you all to pray for boldness and stand with a bold spirit in righteousness and give up yourself pick up your cross and follow Christ and your reward will be great. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God pour out blessings of heaven upon you through out your work week,