boldness, needed for every christian yesterday and today

Posted: June 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

How many of you have gone out in public talked about God, about Jesus, laid hands on the sick, was asked to justify your actions in doing so by family members or friends and was afraid to answer with boldness and stand firmly on the rock and proclaim the gospel and not waiver in what you were or are doing because you know the rewards are great in heaven as they are on earth , in Mark 5:19  it says to loose that in heaven and it will be loosed on earth and bind that which is in heaven as in earth. In order to do and fulfill our obligation as Christians we must do so not with rudeness but in BOLDNESS. Boldness is a certain fearlessness and if we know that God is on our side as we claim he is and claim to know then why is it that most Christian cower in the corners of their room, turn pale white when a voice is raised against the gospel and against our savior we should instead of turning pale white and cowering in a corner sucking our thumbs, should be filled with a righteous anger directed in love by the holy spirit not in mallace.

We should bind up the fear we fell when approached by someone who asks us about the lord or when we are directed and moved with compassion by the holy spirit to approach a person who needs the good news, and we are to speak with boldness, and lay hands for healing with boldness and cast out demons and shew the devil back to the hell he came from with boldness. If we try to do these things with any sense of fear the devil and his cohorts are like dogs they sense fear and they will devour you whole and spit you out bit by bit destroying you spiritually leaving you the christian with doubt of your own belief thus defeating you and beating you at a game he is not allowed to beat us at because out victory has already been proclaimed by God and when God says this is what will be done, how it will be done and when it will be done then so shall it be in his name with boldness I firmly believe this and nothing and no one can or will change this mindset I have. Boldness  occurs in the bible 25 times. Look at David and Goliath when David killed that fool with a single stone from a sling shot and defeated the philistine army, he had to have a sense of boldness knowing he was sent by God to do what others were afraid to do because they were bound in fear thus paralyzing them from doing what needed to be done.

Let’s look at scriptures concerning boldness and see what they say they will be the following scriptures Luke 11:8, Acts 4:13,4:29,28:31 .

Luke 11:8 I say unto you , though he will not rise and give him because of his importunity he will rise  and give him as many as he needeth. this is an example that through persistence prayer will prevail  which takes some boldness to know that if I keep doing this the out come will be as I want it to be.

acts 4:13,  now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John and perceived that they were ignorant men, they marveled; and they took knowledge  of them, that they had been with Jesus.

4:29,And  now , lord behold their threatenings: and grant  unto thy servants , that with all boldness  they may speak thy word.

28:31, Preaching (proclaiming) the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the lord Jesus Christ with all confidence ( boldness) no man forbidding him.

In the above mentioned scriptures we see a pattern of boldness, luke 11:8  is prevailing prayer praying in boldness knowing the outcome would be that which is good and that God beyond the shadow of a doubt would answer the prayer that in and of itself takes a form of boldness. In acts 4:13,4;29  and 28:31 all speak of actions being done in boldness and the confidence that with God before you, you will win victory after victory  as you proclaim the kingdom of God with all boldness and now cower in fear sucking your thumb in a corner.This is going to be a bad parallel but you will see the relevance of it here in a moment. Look at an out law motorcycle club, the way they get members in not just taking anybody, they put people through a three fold process , 1) hand around, you hang around the club for a period of time to see what they are about and get to know them as they get to know who you are , then step 2 you are invited to probate or prospect with them and this time you do club things and are required to show what you have and why you should be patched in and then 3 you are fully patched if you have what it takes, God wants people in his kingdom and he loves us all equally but he doesn’t want us to waiver in our beliefs because if we compromise our beliefs and don;t stand firm in convictions proclaiming the kingdom then we allow the enemy to minipulate us to believe anything that comes our way and that just isn’t good enough for God. We need to be bold in what we stand for and if we stand for the kingdom then do so in confidence and boldness no matter the price, because we may pay a small price on earth but our reward will be great in heaven and eternal life is worth dying for if you ask me , I do not want to burn in fire for the rest of eternity.

Today more so we need to be bold and stand firm in what we believe or we will be persecuted harder than we can even imagine, and without the boldness bestowed upon us through the holy spirit we will be as tumble weed in the desert and we will go where ever the winds of doctrine take us going off course that which is in alignment with the bible. So I challenge and encourage you all to pray for boldness and stand with a bold spirit in righteousness and give up yourself pick up your cross and follow Christ and your reward will be great. Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God pour out blessings of heaven upon you through out your work week,


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