Father’s Day

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am not sure whether Father’s Day is actually Biblical, but it does honor fathers, and in psalm 68:5  it says THE GOD WHO IS IN HIS HOLY DWELLING PLACE IS A FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS. Now there is more to that verse I just took this part out for this particular article and for the context therein. This day is a good day, however it saddens me in a way, because I am reminded of the children who have no father, whether their father is imprisoned, overseas and unable to celebrate this day with their families or their father is now deceased, what ever the case I think of those people and how today must be sad for them. I am blessed to be able to spend this day with my daughter and see her as she grows up.

Before I wrote this I was reminded of the verse above and looked it up for the exact wording, and it is comforting to know that to the fatherless children, and widows out there God is our father, he provides for us and blesses us, he is our eternal source of comfort, all we need to do is turn to him and ask and it shall be given or done in his name. So on this day even if your father is still around stop today and honor our eternal father, give him thanks, and praise, acknowledge that he is there and be a blessing to him as he is a blessing to you, and as you are his blessing ask him to allow you to be his vesile   so he may minister through you to a person who has no earthly father. Ask where you can be used and when he tells you then go and do what he tells you and do it how he tells you to do it and thus you will be honoring God the father, as well as honoring a person who is fatherless.

Until next time may God pour his heavenly blessings upon you, may he supply your needs, wants and may he also bless you with someone you can be a blessing to as well.




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