A request for wisdom from God

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

The wisdom we have was given to us as a divine gift from God, knowledge to understand his word, knowledge to interpret things we read or see as right or wrong, good or evil what ever the case may be we know how to read between the lines.

we get the little voice that is known to the secular world as our conscious is actually the Holy Spirit trying to talk to us and we as Christians recognize this. We should be more aware of this and listen to what the Holy Spirit tells us and I think we would be better off in the long run.

Yesterday’s daily reading was on asking for wisdom it is by John MacArthur and he says in the daily read, our heavenly father promises us access to his unlimited  treasure not only to meet our own needs but the needs of others as well. Our knowledge as Christians about God and the gospel are how we can meet not only our needs through the ability to interpret what the Bible says and what the parables mean as we read them, as we gain more knowledge we are then able to share it with other people and explain to them what is going on , why it is going on and let them know there is good news and the good news is that we are no longer under the law but we are are under grace. We have the knowledge to unlock the mystery of the bible , will we fully understand God , no I don’t think so . I am glad, he gives us enough to share but keeps enough a mystery so we will fully depend on him to help us through out our christian walk with him and as we grow in our faith we grow in our wisdom and he gives us more to study and come to understand. Most of this was paraphrased John MacArthur did not say all of this the first sentence was his.

Here is another thing he said,part of feeliyou with the wisdom you need tng as though God isn’t providing us wisdom is that we don’t know how to receive it or what’s required in listening for it. How has God  most often supplied  you with the wisdom to handle certain situations?

I can tel you now that he has supplied me with wisdom through his word, however I am still learning to be still and listen to his voice and when we can master that along with the basics we will be able to do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

until next time, keep the rubber side down and may God bless you abundantly with the promises thrown down from heaven above.



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