sickness is not of God but it is of sin

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

:     A lot of people think  that when sickness, or disease strikes or a birth defect, that it is of God and this simply is not true it is a  wrong frame of mind. People say oh you must have done something to offend God and that is not the case. God wants us well and doesn’t want his people to be sick.

I was born completely blind as stated in my testimony on the about page ,but it wasn’t anything my mom did or anything that I did.

in John 9:2  Jesus and his disciples came upon a blind beggar and the disciples ask Jesus  ,Master   who did sin this man or his parents that he was born blind?  This would indicate that the disciples connected the man’s blindness with either his actions or the actions of his parents.

in Deuteronomy 28 we will see something contrary to this and it will answer the question,

Blessings are ll in verses 1-14 showing what happens and what God will do when we obey his commands but in verses 15- 68 show the judgments brought on by God to the person or people who break the covenant thus the judgment seems more like a stimulating factor to keep upright with God rather than rebel against him breaking the covenant.\

Sin in general is what causes sickness and disease,  sometimes it is the actions of the person or people, look at  sexually active men and women having multiple partners and casually having sex you get std’s and worse you get aids, God didn’t bring that on you , you brought that on yourself by using sex for self gratification rather than what it was designed for by God which is to be enjoyed between a married couple, that being one woman and one man to be perfectly clear. Sodom and gamora , the Caananites these are just two examples of two countries using sin for self gratification thus breaking God’s covenant.

Look at the homosexuals  in America and how this country used to shew them away and not accept their life style and look they can’t reproduce  thus it messes up the divine balance of nature causing corruption in people minds and hearts as well as confusion in the way we ought to live life.

Thus if we keep going on the path we are walking down we will bring curses upon ourselves, God will not be to blame we will be and it is about time we as Christians stand up renew our covenant with God and start cracking open our bibles and read what is in the scriptures and obey them before it is too late. Quit embracing that which is dark and evil and start being the candle in the darkness and shew the darkness away to make way for the light of that which is to come.

Remember our sinful nature brings on the sickness and disease not God. Until next time keep the rubber side down and may God bless you.



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