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Yes the title of this article is long however it is an important topic that should be addressed and I will do my best to wrap my pea sized brain around this and answer to the best of my capability. I received a question that said we are instructed in Mathew 28:19 to be baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ( Ghost depending on the translation of the bible you read it could be spirit or ghost both meaning the same thing.) I am going to do my best to answer what are the names of the Father, Son ,and Holy Spirit (ghost)

The names of the father are various names each meaning different things depending on the context it is used nd what part of the Bible it is in. Since the names are numerous I will go over the more commonly used and most recognized and then go back and give you scripture references to the remaining names.

The names of the father,

In Exodus 3:13-14,  it reads,And Moses said unto God ” behold when I come unto the children of Israel, and shall I say unto them, the God of your fathers hath sent me unto you; and they shall say to me , WHAT IS HIS NAME? what shall I say unto them”? And God said unto Moses,I AM ,THAT I AM: And he said thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel,I AM hath sent me unto you. Before I go on the setting here is when Moses came upon the burning bush and the fire did not consume the bush this was I believe Moses first encounter with God. So I AM in this context could sum up the other names for the father that we will find as we move on further in this study.

ELSHADDAI – means God almighty, ( gen 49:24) but his bow abode in strength and the arms of his hands were made strong by the hands of the Mighty God of Jacob( from thence the mighty stone of Israel)

YHWH/ Yahwen/Jehova; Lord ( det.6:4,Daniel 9:14)  Deuteronomy 6:4 says Here, O  Israel : The Lord our God is one LORD.

Daniel 9:14 says,  Therefore hath the Lord watched upon the evil, and brought it upon us: for the LORD out God is righteous in all his works  which he doeth for we obeyed not his voice.   This is showing that they did not obey his voice so therefore he punished them by allowing bad things to come upon them kind of like when we were young and pur parents would spank us, it didn’t bring them joy to do that unless they were sick people but it taught us not to do what ever it was that we did

There are a few other names but I think the main name that I mentioned in this  sums it up quite well I AM THAT I AM. The Father is everything, however it is commanded in the Bible to be baptized in the name of the Father in the context pertaining to the baptism ceremony.

The Name of the Son well this means just that the son of God who is Jesus the Christ.

The Holy spirit well this is hard but the Holy Spirit has no name that I am aware of. The Holy Spirit is the wine and the anointing oil combined. It is the spirit of Jesus that fills our souls and dwells within us. Look at the good simaritan (forgive the misspelling)  When the man fell to the thieves that beat him up and left him for dead the a certain simarritan came and bound his wounds and then took him to the inn where he left 2 pennies and said to the inn keeper if you spend more before I return I will double that and thus left the victim with a comforter after filling him with oil and wine. Oil and wine are two symbols representing the holy spirit. oil makes your face shine and wine makes you feel good. there for in the story two manifestations of God were represented thus  Jesus was the man who picked up the victim and took him to the inn. Jesus was God manifest in the flesh to walk the earth to save mankind from condemnation thus we are baptized in these names

Jehovah Jirah, yhwh.and any other names for God but shortened to the Father, the Son, Jesus , and the Holy Spirit, the sum of the two which fills us up the=us completeing he full three part triune  spirit of God, FATHER,SON HOLY SPIRIT.

I hope that this answers any questions and as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly pour out his blessings from heaven upon you as fresh manna everyday.