Posted: September 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

Early on Sunday morning around 2:30 a.m.  i was scheduled to head to a county here in Florida about 2 or 3 hours north of where I am and it was my first time taking the interstate 95, I was nervous as one should be when you’re riding on two wheels doing 65-80 mph anything can happen , a blow out on your biker, a blow out from a semi truck who knows you are exposed to the elements and totally vulnerable to anything and everything that could possibly come your way.

Some ask why are you a biker and some say you can’t possibly be both a christian and a biker and others well they think I am just plumb lost my marbles and totally a freak of nature well in a way this is true and I will show you why and how.

One the road when riding a motorcycle you see things differently, you see in more of a high definition type of way, you smell everything whether it’s a good smell or a smell that is foul while rolling past a cow pasture. You have time to think and not only one with your bike, not only one with the road, you are one with God and this is more important than anything else on this earth because you are totally in his hands and you must have faith in him that his hedge of protection is upon you and nothing can or will penetrate that protection. I rolled through some deep ruts in the road cut by who knows what in a construction area and the front end shimmied and shook and wanted to go one way, while the rear wanted to go another and I had to have faith that the bike would remain straight no matter what because I was on my way to minister to family and fellowship with a friend. This run was for a purpose and it was a run that was not planned out in advance. I know it was God calling me to run this trip to see those in that town.On the way we stopped many times and spoke with people but I forgot to bring a few important things, bibles.tracts , books and cd’s but next time I will be better prepared. I hope my short talks with people helped them out. I met a man with a crippled hand from a motorcycle accident, I prayed for him as I left. I learned lessons on this trip and next time it will be more meaningful I think the Lord used this to prepare me for a longer journey when I roll up to Daytona Beach Florida for Bike week in February or March.

On my way home my faith would be tested again as I misjudged the distance between me and a semi truck as I switched lanes I only gave one quick glance and the next thing I knew I was sharing lanes with an 18 wheeler but I felt a peace unlike no other as I was kind of like well excuse me sorry and got back in my lane. I did get over after he passed my wife was more panicked than I because I knew God had control of my bike. He said I gave this to you and you ain’t layin’ it down on 95 that’s for sure and so we pulled into a rest stop where my wife ask how crazy are you? I said I was fine and she shook her head as we sat for a moment and got back on the road.

I cannot wait to take another ride like that again it will be fun and a bit longer. However this is to show you that fear is a spirit and it has no place in the hearts and minds of God fearing Christians.

until next time keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you.



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