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here is an article I wrote for sharia unveiled hope this will educate you and feel free to leave comments

sharia unveiled



by, Robbie “Rambo” Judkins

I was asked to write an article with one question in mind;

Should the practice of Islam be banned in America due to the violence it carries from its 7th Century teachings?

Here is my honest and yet biblical idea and one that came to me via the Holy Spirit while listening to a message entitled: “Beholding the Glory of God” by, Pastor Duane Sheriff. My answer will shock and yet amaze all who read this because of the feelings set forth by society and the mainstream media at large.

First, we must consider where our founding roots are.  America’s claim to fame is that we are a proud nation founded solely on Judeo-Christian roots, thus we are a nation blessed by God to do one thing. Teach and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ through-out the world, be it word of…

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