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This week I will be looking at the prodigal son parable. I am hopefully going  to preach on this Sunday October 14 at Mickey’s.

Here is a sneak peak at this sermon and I will film it at down load it onto you tube and or face book, I may try and down load it here on the site as well.

let’s look at what a parable is, what the word parable means, and how it was used by Jesus Christ to teach.

First the word parable comes from the Greek word ” parabole”  it means: the placing of one thing beside another with a view to compare or illistrate , in order for the parable  to have meaning, the hearer must catch the analogy if he is to be instructed.Normally  a main point was made and not every detail was to have significance.

HOW WERE THEY USED? Jesus used these stories of ordinary  life to illistrate  spiritual truth in the form of comparason, similes, snslogies and proverbal sayings.
There are several well known parables like the prodigal son, the beam in the eye, the two debtors, the sower and the seed, and several more.

The prodigal son has many illistrations, and symbols, the feeding of the swine (pigs) shows hitting rock bottom.God declared swine to be unclean ti the jews. So the fact that the son fed the swine and desired to eat their food shows hitting rock bottom. This shows the depths of misery in which sin brings the sinner.

Good example of true repentance, repent comes from the Greek word metanoeo. This  literally means to have another mind. Used 34 times in the new testament repentance is a necessary part of salvation.

He came to himself: God;s word makes it clear that the wages of sin is death ( Romans 6:23) (Romans 1 :18-20) reveals that even those who do not know  God’s word have an intuitive  knowledge of right and wrong and God’s judgement against sin. His father eagerly awaiting is like our Heavenly Father, His father restored full sonship: God takes great pleasure in prosperity of his children.

The older brother was self-centered, self-righteous and chose to take the praise of men over a relationship with God.

When we first became Christians and saw no evidence of change, got no reward or praise for correctly walking with the Lord we did the same thing and some of us ended up walking away from God totally and living a worldly life until we got sick and tired of being sick and tired. All the while God sat patiently like a good father will and waited  for our return because our absence from him grieves him very much. And when we come back he restores us and renews our minds, and hearts. He throws a party in Heaven and says HEY MY CHILD, MY CREATION HAS COME  BACK TO ME AND COME BACK HOME TO OUR HEAVENLY FAMILY LET’S PARTY. That is how much our Heavenly Father loves and cares for us. A love that is never ending, and unconditional, It is called agape love, a love so rich, so deep, that  HE GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, for our ransom to free us from the bondage of sin, and when we walk away he knows we will return because he uses what he wills to use to get our attention and draw us back nigh to his side. I hope this article taught you something and hope that you enjoy it, as much as I have enjoyed learning as I wrote it for a future sermon.

Until next time as always keep the rubber side down and may God richly bless you in prosperity of health, life, finances and love and all the desires of your heart.

Robbie  ” Rambo” Judkins


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