Posted: June 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

  Jerusalem is an amazing city chosen by God it has over come many many trials and through the promise of God not only just Jerusalem but Israel as a whole has over come more acts of invasion, occupancy and terrorism than America has in the 200 plus years America has existed. Americans think we have it bad, take a closer look and you will see over all we have been blessed that what has happened with Israel has not gone on here in the states. So when you start saying woe is me I have it bad here in America, look at the Israelites and see how they have dealt with their trials and tribulations and learn what they did. I can tell you the main thing they have done is NOT TAKE THEIR EYES OFF OF GOD and His ways.Israel a country of courage, honor, and true testament of divine diffiance  with the help from God. 


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