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Commandment 2

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  Thou shalt not make unto thee any  graven images or any likeness  that is in Heaven above, or that is  in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.

 Now what does this mean? Well look at what went on when Moses was up on mount sioni. It had been a long time since the Israelites had seen him thus they crafted a golden cow. Well in my teachings the golden cow was a symbolic god of sex thus they were having orgies from one end of the desert to the other thus showing that what you worship you become.

    We see this today look at how many people will worship a sports star, who gets paid more money than they deserve to play a sport, or a movie star who seems one way on the movie screen but we later read in star magazine or the other garbage tossing tabloids how they are in a treatment center for drug and alcohol abuse, or in jail because of their conduct in public, like Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. Tom Cruise was heard saying a woman’s menstrual cycle was crap and an excuse for them to act foolish, when that is truly not the case, or Mel Gibson’s out burst that the Holocaust was fake and so on and so forth while in the middle of the road under the influence of alcohol or even Charlie Sheen and his chemical addiction to cocaine and his weird and bizarre behavior including the videos he put out on you tube, These are the so called gods Americans worship on a daily basis, and we wonder why Jehovah God seems so very far away.

     We must look deep in scripture and deep within ourselves to see what is most important, One more god I forgot to mention is the music stars, the rappers, rock stars, Black Sabbath has come out with an album and on the cover it says God is dead hmm wouldn’t you like your church playing that one. As far as I am concerned Jehovah God is very much alive and kicking still performing miracles on earth in order to show His glory and not that of these false gods who can do NOTHING of the sort.

   We must always seek truth no matter where that may take you, seek and you shall find the truth in the scriptures.

    Until next time as always keep your feet on the pegs and the rubber side down and God bless each and everyone. 



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 First off what are the ten commandments? Are they just another bunch of rules that society has to abide by or are they more than that? What do they do, what are they for? these questions will be answered in this series of articles for the next 10 weeks.

   Why the ten commandments? The commandments have a sacred divine way we are able to get our country back on track with God and we must do this or we will fall as the Roman Empire did. Our people will be treated as the Jewish people were in WW II and Christianity will be more dangerous to practice than ever before due to the technologies we have today. We are currently being persecuted but it is such small doses that we don’t  hear much about it. The  Cherokee even has ten commandments, although I believe they are different than those given to Moses on mount sioni they still have them. The ten commandments allow us to know what we may be doing wrong, without them well, how do we know we are doing wrong? We wouldn’t so they outline what God expects from his children. Who are God’s children we all are. We were made in the image of God.

  I am going to start with the first commandment and each week another commandment will be written about, I hope these posts will help all who reads and maybe  hopefully shared everywhere. This is what I hope for anyway.

1) Thou shalt not have any other gods before me

   The Egyptians did this they worshiped many Gods, the cobra was a big god along with many others. Moses was brought up in the beliefs of the Egyptians and still when he ran away out of the land of Egypt after killing an Egyptian military man when he saw this man beating another, he was able to be in tune  with God and hear him when he was called in the middle of the desert by the burning bush. I think God presented himself this way to get the attention of Moses and thus knew that since the bush was not consumed by the fire it would intrigue Moses and his curiosity would cause him to come closer and of course as we all know he did.

   You see God wants to speak to us and he does if we are in tune to his voice. We can also see  that Moses saw God’s glory the second time he went up on mount sioni, he asked this time to see God and God replied no one sees my face and lives, but he allowed Moses to see his back side. This is something we are all capable of doing if we allow ourselves to receive word from the Lord.

This can be found in Exodus chapter 20 for reference. 

there are also many tools you can get on the ten commandments, check out pastor John Hagee’s series the ten commandments and in depth study on each commandment it is a 10 disc series well worth listening to. 

Until next time keep your feet on the pegs and the rubber side down.

God bless.