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  Well let’s look to see what depression is. ( beware i am new to this subject so if any errors are found please correct me in a positive manner) Depression is an illness that affects a lot of people how man ? I truly do not really know numbers however I do know it does affect a lot of people in many different ways.

 There are 9 references to depression in the bible according to Bibblos and here are the references.

2 Corinthians 2:4, Leviticus 26:16, Proverbs 17:22, Proverbs 15:13, Job 30:16, Isaiah 54:6, Isaiah 65:14 and Psalm 143:7.

Now the bible may not say depression out right so let’s look to see indicators of depression utilizing these scriptures listed in the above mentioned.

  For out of much affliction and anguish of heart I wrote unto you with many tears; not that ye should be grieved, but that ye might know the love which I have more abundantly unto you.

 You see how Paul was afflicted with anguish and tears indicating he had so much love in his heart yet while preaching truth had a spirit of depression come upon him symbolized by the word anguish. Afflicted by anguish, this is not a spirit brought on by God but by the enemy to burden who so ever preaches the truth.

Leviticus 26:16 I also will do this unto you; I will even appoint over you terror, consumption ( a wasting disease) and the burning ague ( fever) that shall consume the eyes and cause sorrow of heart; and ye shall sow your seed in vein. for your enemies shall eat it. 
This in the above mentioned speaks of some of the disease we see today and is punishment for sin such as sexual immorality and blatant disobedience to God, For in the old testament God was basically at war with man before the Crucifixion of Jesus on the cross who bore all of our sins and paid the price for them and we now live in the good graces of God although we do not deserve His grace or mercy they are gifts to us from Him.
:proverbs  17:22 A merry heart doeth good like  a medicine; but a broken spirit  drieth the bones.
This shows that depression can be harmful to the body, spiritually and physically as well. Which tells me Jehovah God does not want this upon any of his children, He many not cast this down himself, He may just lift his hand from you as He did Job to prove a point, get your attention, teach a lesson, mainly to show his glory as He brings you out of a situation. For man should not boast because we have nothing to boast about anyway.
Proverns 15:13 A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance ; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken. 
This shows that many people can often get depression over a broken heart whether the loss of a loved one, job, or some other traumatic situation that may come upon them in life. It is up to us on how we deal with these situations that are set in front of us.
Job 30:16 And now my soul is poured out upon me; the days of affliction have taken hold upon me.
Well let’s look at this, Job has suffered great loss about this point in his story, and he has a wife who wants him to curse God, his friends don’t understand why he is staying faithful to a God who has in their eyes caused this great suffering upon Job. However God did not cause this He allowed satan to torment Job without killing him because God knew the out come and knew Job would prove God right in the long run for satan was sure Job would curse God to His face and although Job may have spoke out of turn his heart and faith ultimately did not waiver off course.
 Now I do admit there are a few more scriptures I have not mentioned in depth, but we can obviously see that throughout the bible many people suffered from depression, some long term and some short term. We go through things in seasons and some seasons can even be a life time or they can be shorter. 
Now that we have seen the quote n quote bad side of depression next time I write we will see how to deal with depression in a Godly manner in accordance with the bible for in the bible there is no situation we face today that has not already been faced and thus the pioneers of the biblical days if you will who went through these situations before we were even a twinkle in our parent’s eyes had dealt with depression and thus made it through, so my philosophy is if they can deal with depression and other matters that affect us today as it did in biblical times and we see how they learned lessons and applied them to their lives there is no reason for us to cower in a corner and say I CAN’T……WHEN IN JESUS’ STRENGTH WE CAN AND WE WILL.
Until next time as always keep your feet on the pegs and the rubber side down.God bless.