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A new beginning

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

   Many things happen through out our lives, some good, some bad, or at least it seems that it’s bad.  God views his children equally and loves them  equally, thus He works all things for our good. We may be going through trials and it may seem like the darkest time in our lives, however storms come and go, just like on the lake of Galalie when the storm came and tossed their boat to and fro the disciples panicked waking Jesus saying master master we are going to die, Jesus got up and said ” oh ye of little faith” . We often do the same with things that go on  in our lives and do not put on the whole armor of God thus we are hit by satan’s  fiery darts and we do not often act accordingly due to clouded thoughts set forth by the devil, thus causing confusion, deception and abnormal thinking.

     God came bring us out of this through grace and mercy He loving places his big hands down into our lives easing the pain, clearing the thoughts, through His divine word, the Holy Bible. As we learn to apply the principles set forth in the divinely written pages of the bible, we begin to see his love and authority instilled into our spirit thus manifesting in the natural and we learn to use what we were born with and that is our divine authority to fight satan, recognize the deceptions and deal with them spiritually and in the natural, thus giving us a new beginning.

   I thank the Lord for new beginnings and lessons learned throughout life and for His grace to deal with what ever may come our way.

As always remember God is good, keep your feet on the pegs and the rubber side down.